DNP Launches Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DS-RX1HS Increasing the Print Speed by as much as 20%

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) announces the global launch on May 11th, 2016 of DS-RX1HS, a new 6 inch dye sublimation photo printer which is the successor model of DS-RX1, to boost print speed by as much as 20%1. At the same time, a new accompanying consumable ink ribbon and paper set - the RX1HS MEDIA SET - will also be launched, with both set to be initially marketed in North America and in Asia starting from early summer.


In recent years, print demand is expanding in various scenes such as ID photo in Asia, instant prints at supermarkets and drug store chains in North America and in Europe. Since 2011, DNP has been widely promoting DS-RX1 for such needs in the global market as an entry model of dye sublimation photo printers.

In the latest development, DNP successfully improved print speed of DS-RX1 with high print quality and keeping it affordable at the same time. DS-RX1HS will be introduced to the market as the faster model of DS-RX1.



1. Improved print speed compared to DS-RX1 by as much as 20%. DS-RX1HS will produce approximately 290 prints per hour (in case 4" x 6" /101 x 152 mm print size).

2.DS-RX1HS and accompanying consumable remain competitive and affordable both for initial investment and running cost.

3.One roll of media (4" x 6" /101 x 152 mm) produces prints up to 700.

RX1HS MEDIA SET (Ink Ribbon and Paper)

1.The newly launched media set can be used for both DS-RX1HS and DS-RX1.

2.Helps improving print speed while maintaining the image quality as high as  DS-RX1.

[Product Specification]

Product name


Print method

Dye sublimation thermal transfer

Resolution (dpi) 

300 x 300 (High speed mode)

300 x 600 (High resolution mode)

Print size

2"x 6"(51 x 152 mm)

3.5" x 5" (89 x 127 mm)

4" x 6" (101x 152 mm)

5" x 7" (127 x 178 mm)

6" x 8" (152 x 203 mm)

Print speed (High-speed mode, Gloss finish)

12.4 seconds for 4" x 6" (101 x 152 mm) size


Gloss / Matte

Buffer memory


Power source 

AC100V - 240V, 50/60Hz


USB2.0, Type B

External dimensions

(Width) 322 x (Depth) 351 x (Height) 281 mm

Weight  Approx



Compatible with iSerial


Open pricing.

[Initial Launch]

The initial launch will be made from North America and Asia , and extended to other areas on a sequential basis.

Please note that as DS-RX1HS is the high-end successor model for DS-RX1, the latter will be gradually phased out.

[The Future]

DNP aims to sell 20,000 units in the first year following the launch.

DNP has positioned Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and the Environment and Energy as business growth areas, and is engaged in the creation of new values.  The Company developed a dye sublimation media for photo prints in the 1980s, and manufactures and markets this media on a global basis. DNP continues to focus on Imaging Communication aimed at rejuvenating image-based human communication, including the promotion of services using a variety of image contents.


1: Print speed may differ based on print size and/or print mode.
* Product prices, specifications and service contents are current as of the date of the news release, but are subject to change without prior notice.