DNP Draws up Action Plan to Promote Women in the Workplace

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has drawn up an action plan aiming to establish an employment environment where women can assume leadership roles.

The action plan will be promoted over the three-year period from April 2016 to March 2019.


Under the corporate philosophy of "connecting individuals and society, and providing new value," the DNP Group aims to overcome a variety of challenges, and actively make a contribution to consumers and society. The female standpoint and sensitivity are essential to businesses looking to create new value, and the participation of female employees is becoming increasingly important.

From early in this century, DNP began by enhancing research and systems designed to promote active participation by women in order to prevent unnecessary turnover of female employees in the workplace. Since 2010, DNP has hosted seminars supporting work-life balance aiming to create an environment conducive to increased participation by women. Apart from encouraging couples to participate, DNP is also engaged in the enhancement of research and internal evaluation systems to support career planning for initiatives designed to achieve shorter working hours. Also, DNP has combined a variety of activities and is putting effort into promoting women in the workplace. For example, since 2013, DNP has taken a further step forward with existing activities related to reducing work hours, and is promoting activities designed to promote changing working styles that boost value added through the more efficient use of time resources.

In this latest development, DNP has pushed such initiatives even further and has drawn up an action plan for the creation of an employment environment where women can assume leadership roles.   


The following measures will be promoted over the three-year period from April 2016 to March 2019 aimed at realizing a 100% increase in the number of female managers (section chief and above) compared to February 2016.

Review current educational programs and develop new educational systems tuned to career development in order to cultivate women for core positions.

A plan to newly implement face-to-face interviews in the period from before child birth through returning to work, in order to support mid to long-term career development for female employees so that they can assume leadership positions. DNP will also promote company-wide policies, including the development of interview manuals, and the review of how to use them for interviews such as the currently employed self-reporting systems

In order to actively promote the cultivation and appointment of female employees, DNP will propose and execute measures in line with business and workplace environments on a business sector basis. Apart from this, DNP will also create a structure designed to encourage the planning and execution of training plans to promote women in leadership roles.

In order to actively promote the work-life balance, including such life events as child birth and infant nursing, it is planned to review work-life balance support systems so as to allow these to be used in a system linking them to career promotion.

In order to improve existing working styles, such as overtime, activities related to working practices at each unit of workplaces and improved usage of annual paid leave will be promoted targeting the realization of more efficient and effective working styles.