DNP and All About, Inc. Implement In-Bound Visitor Questionnaire

Exchange students quizzed on high spots of visit to Sai Village in Aomori Prefecture

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and All About, Inc. (All About), have implemented a questionnaire designed to uncover the appeal of specific Japanese regions for in-bound visitors.
The questionnaire was conducted between January 21 and 24. Exchange students were invited to Sai Village in Aomori Prefecture, where they experienced the natural environment and unique customs of the village, followed by a questionnaire, in an attempt to help uncover possible improvements to sightseeing attractions as viewed from the standpoint of overseas visitors.
The results of the questionnaire will be broadcast on the DNP travel application, YORIP, (Available in Japanese language only), and the general information site, All About,


More than 24 million overseas visitors arrived in Japan in 2016, setting a new in-bound record, and the Japanese government aims to boost this number to 40 million by 2020. In doing so, it is important to avoid the excessive concentration of tourists in specific sightseeing spots, and to disperse visitors throughout Japan in order to rejuvenate the regions. As a result, there are calls for measures, such as the transmission of information, and the expansion of services to persuade visitors to visit areas that might not be particularly well known overseas.
In reaction to such needs, All About has, since 2015, operated the general information site All About Japan to communicate the appeal of Japan to those overseas, and at present approximately 700,000 overseas users with an interest in Japan are using the official SNS site.
DNP has offered the DNP travel application, YORIP, since June 2015, and in July 2016 launched an English language service targeting in-bound visitors that provides information about the areas near advertised festivals and events throughout Japan.
In this latest development, DNP and All About invited exchange students to Sai Village in Aomori Prefecture, and implemented a questionnaire designed to reveal what attracts overseas visitors to the region as a sightseeing spot.

[Questionnaire Summary]

Survey date: January 21 - January 24

Location: Sai Village, Shimokita-gun, Aomori Prefecture

Survey Contents:

  • Ten exchange students from Asia and Europe made a 3 night trip to Sai Village, visiting such natural spots as Hotokegaura, a nationally designated natural treasure, and experiencing how to make Beakomochi, a type of rice cake. An attempt was made to uncover sightseeing resources that appeal to overseas visitors, but which may not have been apparent to the local population.
  • The questionnaire revealed such comments "we want vegetarian or halal-based meals," or, "it would've been nice to have had greater contact with the local population while staying at the guest house." Such opinions will be used to improve in-bound services in the future.
  • The appeal of Sai Village the exchange students felt during their stay there will be delivered on DNP travel app. Through providing overseas visitors with attractive information, both companies will aim to increase their visits.
  • International writers from All About accompanied the survey group, and by broadcasting the questionnaire results on All About Japan, will communicate the appeal of Sai Village to overseas visitors interested in Japan.
  • YORIP and All About Japan will join forces to broadcast information to overseas visitors, and by effectively communicating the fascination of specific regions and locales, aim to promote sightseeing by overseas visitors to spots throughout Japan.

DNP will exhibit this new service at the DNP booth at Inbound Business Expo Japan to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from February 1 to February 3, 2017.
About All About: A comprehensive information site, opened in February 2001, and operated by All About Co., Ltd. with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. as the largest shareholder. Approximately 900 "guides" provide unique articles that capitalize on their expertise and experience on about 1,300 topics. As of March 2016, the site had approximately 33.7 million users, including mobile terminal users such as smartphones.

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