DNP Launches Culturally-Based Promotion Support Service

Native speaker designers and copywriters to create promotions targeting in-bound visitors

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and DNP Communication Design Co., Ltd. (DCD), a DNP Group company engaged in the planning and production of promotional materials, have developed a service designed to offer more effective promotions to the increasing numbers of overseas visitors to Japan. The new multilingual service will be culturally-based, including designs and tag lines that capture the difference in tastes and trends in various countries and regions.
The service will be available from February, 2017. The aim is to establish a production system driven by a variety of designers and copywriters from different countries and regions, versed in the color combinations and phrasing that appeal to those from each different culture, in order to offer visitors to Japan promotional materials with the greatest possible impact.


More than 24 million overseas visitors arrived in Japan in 2016, and demand for promotional materials targeting in-bound tourists is expanding amidst forecasts for further increases in visitor numbers. The reality is, however, that promotional materials used at present are based on those targeting Japanese consumers in the domestic market, and do not sufficiently reflect the tastes and trends based on country of birth or cultural background of the visitor.
In answer to this situation, DCD has created a production system driven by designers, copywriters and experts from different countries and regions, versed in the tastes and trends of each different culture. The DNP subsidiary will launch planning and production services that boost the impact of promotional materials targeted at in-bound visitors.
DNP will provide a multilingual production support service, a translation support platform, tablet terminal-based customer hospitality support service and duty free goods sales system, and a smartphone-based multilingual display system for use with merchandise packaging, and will strengthen cooperation with DCD to expand business.

[System Features]

  • The new service is available in the languages of those visitors that comprise the major component of in-bound visitors, such as Chinese (in both traditional and simplified character formats), Korean, English, Thai, French German and Italian.
  • Personnel from different countries and regions will be directly engaged in designing and copywriting that capitalize on their unique knowledge of the cultural backdrop and tastes of each different culture. As a result, it will become possible to reflect those tastes and trends in promotional materials and improve their promotional impact.


In the case of a pamphlet of four pages in letter size, design, translation and copywriting fees would begin from approximately 400,000 yen. Estimates for printing will be provided on an individual basis, based on order volume and paper grade.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP positions Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Environment and Energy, along with Lifestyle and Mobility as growth areas, and in addition to boosting convenience to overseas visitors to Japan, is engaged in the creation of new values, including the provision of solutions that contribute to business growth at companies.
As part of these efforts, the Company will launch this new service from February 2017, aiming for sales of 1.0 billion yen in 2018 from web promotion, store based POP and pamphlet production related services.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.