DNP Group in Cutting Edge Development as Automobile Industry Adopts Application Anti-Tampering Software as Anti-Cyber Attack Measure

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) continues to stand at the cutting edge of development, as the automobile industry adopts anti-cracking software developed by DNP HyperTech Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of DNP.
The newly adopted software is designed to prevent illegal parsing and tampering, and has been adopted with the objective of preventing the illegal tampering with a variety of in-vehicle applications.


In recent years, in addition to remote control of power sources for doors and in-car air conditioning, and the development of sophisticated navigation functions for self-driving and driver assistance, progress has been made with the digitization of in-vehicle systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Applications for smartphones with automobile connected remote control functions, and those targeting in-vehicle information terminals that can be connected to the internet have already emerged, and Gartner Inc., estimates that by 2020 approximately 250 million vehicles will be integrated with communications functions.
As a result of connecting automobiles to the internet, however, there are increased risks of illegal remote control, including access to in-vehicle systems by malicious third party applications. Timely cyber-attack defenses have become essential for in-vehicle applications.
Since being established as a company, DNP has accumulated information security-related technology and know-how through the rigorous management and proper handling of corporate and consumer information. The Company embarked upon the development of IC cards in the 1980s, and promoted software development and IC card manufacturing and personalization, capturing the top domestic market share. At the same time, DNP positions information security as a major business pillar, including operating the DNP Kashiwa Data Center and five BPO centers throughout Japan.
To date, DNP has provided anti-cracking software to the gaming industry, financial institutions and the domestic electrical appliances industry, and in 2016 commenced sales to the automobile industry. In this latest development, the newly developed software has been adopted for the first time by the automobile industry.

[Software Features]

The software:

  • Aims to prevent damage in a proactive manner by hardening applications with anti-cracking software against the disarming of door locks and extraction of running data on a remote basis as a result of the cracking of in-vehicle systems.
  • Is offered as a cloud service, enabling application hardening in a simple manner, merely by uploading the completed application onto a dedicated


  • Makes security-minded applications development unnecessary, allowing normal applications operation even after hardening.
  • Is effective in preventing tampering with automobile control systems, information, cockpit and remote applications along with various programs, and complies with a variety of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

[Sales Price]

From two million yen per application and per annum.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP will offer security products and services that include the anti-cracking software to the automobile industry, and will promote their adoption in in-vehicle communication apparatus at automakers, aiming for sales of 5.0 billion yen by FY 2020.

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