DNP Launches Analytical and Management Tool to Support Personalized Marketing

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed an analytical and marketing tool to support optimal personalized marketing. The new service will be launched July 8 and will cover a variety of data including that related to purchasing activities and loyalty points.

[Developmental Background]

In line with the development of smart phones and tablet terminals, the styles by which consumers come in to contact with information are diversifying. A shift to omnichannellling is underway, in which the consumer obtains information that fits his or her lifestyle and value system from easy to use information media, then combines the use of purchasing channels, such as bricks and mortar stores and EC sites. In the same way, companies use a variety of distribution and sales channels, to ascertain the needs of individual consumers in a timely manner and it has become important to ensure that each consumer receives the optimal message. It is no longer enough to merely provide information related to goods and services.

DNP views such developments as a business chance. Initially, the Company took a variety of consumer data, including purchasing information from bricks and mortar, along with web-based stores operated by corporate members, and the response to company sales promotion measures. Then after analyzing this data in an integrated manner, developed an analytical and marketing tool to support optimal personalized marketing.

[Analytical and Marketing Tool]

The newly developed analytical and marketing tool supports corporate marketing efforts tailor made to fit individual purchasing activities. The marketing officer analyzes critical information, such as personal information, in a secure environment, and by forming links to various solution tools developed by DNP, can execute marketing measures in an effective manner. The newly developed tool is equipped with Landing Page Optimization designed to improve the initial webpage accessed by consumers, e-mail compliance functions and a server push-based function for smart phones.

At the same time, DNP offers a variety of consulting services in order to help use the newly developed tool. Support services for marketing operations based on analytical results are also provided. As a result, it is now possible to boost the promotion effect by proposing the optimal product for each consumer via the optimal media and with optimal timing.



1, Omnichannel Data Analysis

Makes it possible to ascertain log of information accessed by the consumer from a variety of devices. And by installing sensors at bricks and mortar outlets, it is also possible to confirm the date and time that the consumer visited the outlet, in store flow, and retention time. By collecting multiple data it becomes possible to visualize activity from the first point of contact with information by the consumer to the purchase action, and propose the optimal marketing designed to take a potential client and develop them into a good customer.

2, Broad Range of Easy to use Templates

The newly developed tool is equipped with 80 different analytical templates that leverage the DNP data analysis operational track record, and are easy to use. The interface can be comprehensively used not only by data scientists, but also by marketing officers.

3, Sophisticated Sales Campaign Management Functions

The newly developed tool extracts the consumers that are the target of sales campaigns, performs schedule management, and executes one off campaigns and confirms their effect. It is also equipped with functions allowing users to confirm sales promotion cost-effect results in an ongoing manner, make improvements and utilize the same in PDCA cycles.

4, Japanese made Development Capabilities and Support System

The newly developed tool has been developed by DNP at its domestic facilities. As a result, it is capable of picking up on the unique cadences and nuances of Japanese communication. DNP will react flexibly and in a timely manner to the desires of client companies.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Start up fees: From 15 million yen

Operating fees: From 1.25 million yen per month

·  Fees dependent on data volume.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP will offer this newly developed tool to small retailers engaged in omnichannel services, aiming for sales of 2.0 billion yen by FY 2017. Looking ahead the Company will also endeavor to form links with print-on-demand and call center businesses.


·  The newly developed tool uses Aimstar from Supreme Systems Consulting Co., Ltd. as the core engine.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.