DNP to Offer New Consumer Experiences through SCREEMO Participatory Media Linking Smartphones and Digital Signage in Real Time

First demonstration experiment at 61st Toba Minatomatsuri Firework Festival

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the launch of a new service that builds on the participatory media SCREEMO that facilitates interactive communication by linking digital signage and smartphones in real time, to offer consumers a new experience. SCREEMO was developed by SCREEMO of Tel Aviv, Israel, and the new service utilizes SCREEMO technology to offer an integrated and consistent service, from the production and distribution of interactive ad contents through the distribution of information to smartphones accessing digital signage, to testing the effectiveness of such ads.  

In this latest development, DNP has cooperated with Kyodo Advertising Agency Co., Ltd., the sales agent for SCREEMO in Japan, to conduct proving tests of the promotional effect based on SCREEMO at the 61st Toba Minatomatsuri Firework Festival, held on Toba City, Mie Prefecture on July 22.


With currently offered digital signage, video and still image ads tend to be distributed unilaterally, making it difficult to measure the ad effect. In order to overcome this situation, DNP has launched a service utilizing SCREEMO technology that provides a better user experience with interactive images where consumer reactions with a smartphone are displayed on the digital signage in real time. The new service offers consumers the chance to not only participate in digital signage contents through their smartphones, but also makes it possible to distribute information to participating smartphones, achieving two way communications as a result.

[Proving Tests]

- Smartphones launch virtual fireworks

On July 22, DNP provided an Out-Of-Home (OOH) digital ad truck, mounted with SCREEMO, at the 61st Toba Minatomatsuri Firework Festival on July 22. Using their smartphones, participants read-off a 2D code installed at the venue, and by following the provided instructions were able to take part in events, free of charge. By operating their smartphones, participants were able to enjoy the launch of virtual fireworks viewable on the digital signage.

- Effect testing

DNP will perform ad effect testing including the number of ad browsing and the number of visitors to such events as concerts, through the access to the digital signage and confirm the effect of the use of prize exchange vouchers.

Participants use smartphones to swipe their firework of choice in the direction of the digital ad truck.

Fireworks are launched on the screen of the digital ad truck. It is also possible for multiple people to participate and launch fireworks on the screen at the same time.

[SCREEMO Features]

- Displays smartphone operation results on digital signage in real time

Consumers can enjoy new experiences by accessing digital signage with their smartphones, including seeing their smartphone updates show up on the digital signage screen, and thus being able to participate in games, quizzes and surveys.

- Possible to make direct promotional appeals to consumers through interactive communications

By having consumers access digital signage, it is possible to directly distribute information to their smartphones. This allows for a direct promotional effect otherwise not possible through the display of ads on digital signage alone.

- No need to install dedicated application

The website can be accessed directly by inputting the URL or reading 2D code, meaning there is no need to install a dedicated application.

- Digital signage effect measurement

By analyzing the number of event participants that access the website, and those who take advantage of the special privileges, it is possible to measure the ad effect.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will utilize SCREEMO to roll out services that feed into consumer activities, such as guiding them to websites, and promoting EC-based orders along with real store visits, as well as handling requests for information materials and member registration.

The Company aims for total sales of 900 million yen in sales by FY 2019, including those from related operations, such as promotional planning for events and campaigns, the production and distribution of image contents, along with the provision of digital signage equipment.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.