DNP Awarded the 26th Grand Prize for Global Environment Award, Japan Business Federation Chairman's Prize for DNP Lighting Film

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has been awarded the 26th Grand Prize for Global Environment Award, Japan Business Federation Chairman's Prize.
DNP was recognized for its development of DNP Lighting Film that by effectively reflecting and dispersing natural light brightens an entire room to reduce power consumption and create pleasant spatial expressions. 

[DNP Lighting Film]

DNP has positioned the Environment and Energy as a growth area, and is promoting the development of new products and services with the objective of achieving a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. One example is the development of various functional films capable of controlling light, heat, liquid and gas through the application and development of printing technologies, including photolithography technology that configures fine patterns on metals, and coating technology that ensures uniform coatings of ink and other components.
In particular, DNP Lighting Film controls the light by taking light entering a room from a window, and effectively reflects and disperse it onto the ceiling and others, to brighten the entire room. The award winning film utilizes optical design and micro-processing technology developed through optical film for displays. By optimizing the optical attributes and structure of the materials used, DNP Lighting Film is designed to capture natural light all year round in an effective manner, facilitating reduced power consumption and creating pleasant spatial expressions as a result.
DNP has developed two types of lighting film; one that is inserted between two sheets of glass, and another that is attached to the surface of the glass. Both have found uses in a variety of venues, including housing, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and others, for not only new construction but also remodeling.

Since the establishment of the Company 140 years ago, DNP has consistently pursued technology at the leading edge of each period in which it has been active, and as a result has successfully raised the level of in-house technology to the highest global standards. On this occasion the Company has been recognized for the development of a functional film, but looking ahead, will continue to propose new values through all business operations, aiming to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

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