DNP Launches PIM System for Centralized Management of Product Information

Joint initiative with partner companies

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is rolling out Product Information Management (PIM) know-how in the centralized management of scattered product information held in-house, to facilitate its effective use in marketing and as sales promotion materials. In this latest development, DNP is recruiting partner companies in order to operate a joint sales effort, which is set for a July, 2016 launch.

[PIM System]

PIM has long been watched by US and Europe companies with global operations, but has only become a focus in Japan from around 2014, where related product and service markets are now emerging. DNP localized STEP, a PIM system developed by Aarhus, Denmark-based Stibo Systems, a company that was recognized as "best in class PIM provider," in the 2016 Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine Readers' Choice Award, with more than 270 companies using their PIM system worldwide. Domestic sales were launched in July 2009. The system performs centralized management of in-house product information, which may also be in multiple languages. By facilitating speedy and efficient multiuse in printed materials or websites, it is possible to launch product promotions in a more rapid manner, as well as rollout promotions on a global basis at the same time. Using PIM systems in corporate marketing activities also provides companies with the chance to create new business opportunities, helping to expand corporate revenues.   

[Major Anticipated Uses]

1, One source/multi-use in promotion area of manufacturing and/or travel industries

Centralized management of product information and promotional roll outs to multiple media in an efficient manner through the effective use of data linkage functions with desktop publishing software, and delivery functions to websites.

2, Enhancing global marketing and global websites at the manufacturing industry

Achieving more efficient corporate marketing activities at companies that operate on a global basis through the effective use of PIM system multi-lingual information management functions and data delivery functions to websites.

3, Enhancing e-commerce in the distribution industry

The efficient collation and management of multiple product information, and listing of product information to EC sites in line with desired sales timing.

[Partner System]

DNP will operate a Gold and Silver Partner System. The major points are as follows (all prices are on a pre-tax basis). Support fees to be paid to DNP by partner companies. Fees for activities, such as system introduction, shall be separately levied.


1: Free of charge for two years for partnership agreements concluded by end of August 2016. A fee of 100,000 yen shall be levied for agreements signed on September 1, 2016 and beyond.
2: SR: Support Requests. 1 SR = limited to a single request. 50SR = 50,000 Yen. 100 SR = 80,000 Yen with further additions allowed.
3: Development License: Necessary license when partner company uses the PIM system API to develop a separate application.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer the system to system integrator and IT consulting companies, aiming for agreements with ten companies by FY 2019, and 1.0 billion yen in license sales.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.