DNP Launches UHF Band IC Tag System for Libraries

Provides IC tag and equipment offering total book management support

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the full-scale launch of three types of UHF band IC tags for libraries from October 2014, along with the launch of four types of UHF band IC tag equipment, including equipment for automatic lending and return and security gates, in early 2015.


In place of barcodes IC tags are seeing increasing adoption as library book management systems that facilitate the bulk read off of books that have been stacked, and that also detect unauthorized book removal. Existing IC tags targeting libraries mainly used HF IC tags, but looking ahead, UHF band IC tags are expected to see increased adoption that will make tasks more efficient via the bulk read off of multiple books at long distance. On this occasion, in an attempt to promote UHF band IC tags that have a high affinity with systems targeting libraries, DNP will offer UHF band IC tags equipped with superior read off performance for system equipment targeting libraries. This will be offered in a set with newly developed equipment that matches the needs of libraries, to provide total book management support for libraries.

[Overview of UHF Band IC Tags Targeting Libraries]

DNP has boosted its lineup of UHF band IC tags with three new versions that conduct performance evaluations of read off precision and speed using read off devices often used in library systems, and confirm that there are no operational issues.

1.  Slim Type IC Tag Label (Model No. UL-18)

As the label is small in size, and can be attached between the pages, this model does not cover or hide the printed face of the book. And as it is difficult to tell that an IC tag has been attached, removal by malicious third parties can also be prevented.

2.  Laminated IC Tag Label (Model No. UL-21)

When attaching IC tags to thin books, in order to prevent interference from radio waves emitted as a result of the stacking of IC tags, this model makes it possible to perform bulk read offs of multiple titles that have been stacked one on top of another.

3.  IC Tag Label for Discs (Model No. UL-23)

This model facilitates read offs of IC tags directly applied to CDs or DVDs. Uses, such as bulk read offs with a handy terminal are also possible, even in instances where books are lined up on a shelf or stacked in cardboard boxes.

Product name

Slim type IC tag label

Laminated IC tag label

IC tag labels for discs

Model number








Compliance standard

ISO/IEC 18000-63

Frequency band

920MHz, 950 MHz

Communication distance

Approx. 3m

6 - 7m

Approx. 1.5m

* Communication distances are based on in-house measurements

[Overview of UHF Band IC Tags Targeting Libraries]

DNP will develop original devices that answer the needs of libraries and based on the track record of having such systems adopted by DNP Group companies, including Maruzen Co., Ltd (Maruzen) and TRC. The Company will also develop applications and software for integration using such devices, aiming to launch sales in early 2015.

1.  Equipment For Automatic Lending And Return

Special Low Power Wireless Station Type Model No. DUJ-01

Private Wireless Station Type Model No. DUJ-011

A touch panel operation that allows users to perform lending and return processing. Capable of processing a maximum of 10 titles at the same time. Can be used with a variety of user cards, including magnetic cards and IC cards. Also, as the equipment is equipped with a built-in receipt printer, it is also capable of printing receipts on lending and return as required.

This equipment can be offered in two types: a high output type requiring private wireless station licensing, and a low output type where such licensing is unnecessary.

2.  Security Gate Model No. DUG-01

Capable of detecting books with attached IC tags over a span of two meters, by using a UHF band IC tag long communications distance. An alarm using an LED lamp or buzzer is set off if books that have not undergone lending processing pass through the security gates.

3.  Reader-Writers for Counter Use

Special Low Power Wireless Station Type Model No. DUC-01

Private Wireless Station Type Model No. DUC-011

Capable of performing lending, return and registration even in cases where multiple books are stacked one on top of the other. Elsewhere, it is also possible to read off barcodes and write barcode related data to IC tags. This equipment can be offered in two types: a high output type and a low output type.

4.  Handy Terminal Model No. DUH-11

A handy terminal capable of performing timely tests of books, by using a UHF band IC tag with a long communications distance. Apart from using the attached applications and software to transfer book test results to computers, it is also possible to perform searches for books that have gone missing or for those that have been reserved.

* Equipment specifications may change at point of sale.

[Pricing and Forward Looking Developments]

Price estimates will be quoted on an individual basis.

DNP in cooperation with Maruzen and TRC, will market these products to various libraries, including public and university libraries, forecasting sales of 500 million yen in the 3-years to fiscal year 2016.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.