DNP Receives Universal Design Award for E-Book Shop Software Used With E-Book Distribution Service Targeting Children

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has been awarded the Universal Design Award for e-book shop software used with an e-book distribution service targeting children with Nintendo 3DSTM, the portable game console, from Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Nintendo) as the e-book reader terminal. The Company will commence distribution of this award winning service from December 17.

According to the Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO1), color universal design is aimed at "color use that is easy to understand for all people, including the color-weak those called 'color blind2' and seniors." Considering the diversity of sight vision leads to the provision of products facilities and buildings, environments, services information and printed material that are easier for more people to understand.

We are pleased to announce that this e-book shop software has received the Color Universal Design (CUD) Award from CUDO. It is the first time the CUD Award has been presented for e-book shop software in Japan3.

[Development Background and Features]

DNP originally launched e-book services targeting children from December 2013, and total downloads of the e-book shop software have topped the 300,000 mark to date. DNP has reviewed the color of each operation icon, so that anyone, beginning with those with diverse sight vision, can read the contents in a stress-free manner, and has amended those icons in the following manner, in order to improve visibility.

  • Menu buttons have been altered so as to make the difference easier to judge.


At left: Before
At right: After
  • By giving a white background to the text in the selected items, it is easier to discriminate from other items.

 At left: Before
At right: After

As a result of these display changes, the software has been made easier to operate even for those with color weakness. It is also possible to prevent faulty operations and misunderstandings among those with common-type color vision. (Individual e-book contents title displays were not included in the CUD Award on this occasion).

[Looking Ahead]

In addition to making efforts aimed at the further spread of children's book contents, DNP will also improve the software to allow anyone to easily enjoy e-books in a safe and secure manner.


DNP E-Book Distribution Service for Children's Books

DNP distributes an e-book service specializing in children's books, with Nintendo 3DSTM, the portable game console, from Nintendo, as the subscriber terminal. The service includes a lineup of more than 1,000 children's books, in a broad age-targeted genre. A variety of payment methods can be used with the service, including a Nintendo pre-paid card, and as a result, both children and guardians can search for children's books and make payments in a secure manner, allowing for a more enjoyable joint reading experience.

The new service can be used by activating the Nintendo e-shop from the Nintendo 3DSTM home menu, and downloading the e-book shop software. The software download is free of charge.

By downloading the e-book catalogue for children's books and picture books from this software, it is possible to search for and purchase books. Books purchased at the shop can be "placed" on a virtual bookshelf, then removed and read at will.

* downloads require an internet connection


1: For more information please visit (
2: Color vision characteristics, and color blindness: It is possible to know the way people sense color and one's own characteristics from a detailed ophthalmic examination. Even those with common-type color vision sense colors in slightly different ways (the diversity of sight vision). There is no correct or mistaken standpoint for sensing color. In Japan, one out of every 20 males and 500 females is believed to be colorblind with a total of over 3 million nationwide. Globally, more than 200 million people are believed to be colorblind, and this figure is equivalent to the number of males with type AB blood. Colorblind people have normal eyesight (resolving power of the eye) and can also see small objects clearly. For some particular combinations of colors, however, they have different vision from common-type vision. (Includes material from the CUDO website).
3: Information according to CUDO
·  The Nintendo 3DSTM screen is an inset image.
·  Nintendo 3DSTM is a trademark of Nintendo.
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