DNP and Hospital Net Develop Cashless Payment System Targeting Hospitals

Supports patient independence, avoids money problems

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) in conjunction with Hospital Net Inc. (Hospital Net), have developed a cashless payment system using prepaid cards, aimed at hospitals and other institutions to support patient independence by promoting the self-management of funds, and prevent money problems. The newly developed system will be launched on July 16, 2014.

[Background to Service Launch]

From the standpoint of supporting the independence of patients, there is a need at institutions, such as geriatric healthcare facilities and psychiatric hospitals, to have patients make payment at kiosks and for services, such as the laundry, by themselves, as far as this is possible. Challenges also exist, however, such as misunderstandings over whether money has been handed over between patients and hospital staff, or of the patient using too much money. In order to overcome these challenges, DNP and Hospital Net have developed a support system that by having patients make payments in hospitals with a prepaid contactless card it is possible to perform the central administration of who paid who, when, where, for what and how much, and to render usage status more visible.

[System Summary]

The newly developed service operates via a cashless system facilitating payment at kiosks, laundries and vending machines in hospitals and other institutions with a single prepaid contactless card that can be used on a repeated basis. Apart from being able to confirm usage history on the management server, it is also possible to output detailed statements on a patient basis, rendering the usage history of funds in a more visible manner. It is also possible to prevent over-use by setting a daily usage limit.

The system is offered in a format that can be composed to match the needs of each hospital or institution, including a contactless card and management server, card charger, balance confirmation terminal, cashless compatible laundry, beverage vending machine, telephone, TV, and a refrigerator.  

[System Features]

  • Leads to the prevention of money-related misunderstandings between patients, their families and hospital staff, via the management of usage histories.
  • Significantly reduces the burdens of fund management tasks that hospital staff have so far performed on behalf of patients.
  • It is possible to discontinue use in cases of loss or theft.
  • As it is also possible to set daily usage limits and/or charge limits, this leads to the prevention of over-use.
  • The system is hygienic as no cash is used.
  • The smart cards can also be issued for use as staff cards, by altering upper fund limits, and including measures to allow for payroll deductions etc.


The newly developed system will be marketed by both DNP and Hospital Net. Prices are discretionary. As an approximate costing case, the minimum configuration necessary for an institution with about 100 beds would begin from approximately 5 million yen. Other facilities, such as TVs and laundries are separately priced.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP and Hospital Net will offer the new system to geriatric healthcare facilities and psychiatric hospitals, aiming for total sales of approximately 500 million yen by fiscal year 2016.


Company Name: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
Head office: Tokyo
President: Yoshitoshi Kitajima
Paid-in capital: 114.4 billion yen
Company Name: Hospital Net Inc.
Head office: Tokyo
President: Toshinobu Takeda
Paid-in capital: 500 million yen


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.