DNP and Quanta Computer to Launch Original Tablet Terminal Emphasizing Color Reproduction Targeting Companies

Integrates LSI for Color Management

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) in conjunction with Quanta Computer Inc. (Quanta1) has developed an original terminal integrating Large Scale Integration (LSI) for color management. Two versions of this original tablet terminal will be launched in December targeting companies, educational institutions and art galleries.  

[Total Color Management Solution IROMI®]

Since being established in 1876, DNP has been engaged in the planning and production of communication tools, beginning with printed materials, and has constantly strived to improve quality. The Company has used the color technology know-how related to the correct reproduction of colors, developed over many years, to promote IROMI® .a system that embodies the basic concept of the DNP original total color management solution, which pursues color reproduction that matches the original objects in various display formats.

This color management technology was adopted by the Louvre - DNP Museum Lab, a joint art appreciation project developed as a result of the collaboration between DNP and the Musée du Louvre, and first launched in 2006. The technology is being used to improve color reproduction in eight appreciation systems now in operation at permanent exhibition spaces at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

The color management system LSI jointly developed with Quanta uses three functions - color correction and adjustment, contrast adjustment, and blue light adjustment - as the IROMI® engine that drives IROMI®. The original DNP tablet terminals targeting companies that integrate the IROMI® engine are being launched as the first product using IROMI®.

[Overview of Original DNP Tablet Terminal Integrating the IROMI® Engine]

The tablet terminals to be launched in December represent a thorough commitment to the reproducibility of color, and are mounted with IROMI® engine that includes color reproduction functions. In concrete terms, with IROMI® engine is equipped with a color correction and adjustment function that aligns the color of actual products with their photos as displayed on screens, a contrast adjustment function that boosts the visibility of images suffering from halation or black defects, and a blue-light adjustment function that cuts color change and reduces blue-light.  

- Product Lineup

Product name

FGAD (Open pricing)

UY8A (Open pricing)




External dimensions

(excluding projections)

Approximately 263.0(width)x183.5(depth)x9.85(thickness)mm

Approximately 140.6(width)x200.0(depth)x8.2(thickness)mm


Approximately 595g

Approximately 350g


MT8127 Mobile Processor1.30GHz(Cortex-A7TM Quad Core)

MT8121 Mobile Processor1.30GHz(Cortex-A7TM Quad Core)

Cache memory




10.1inch WXGA (1,280x800 dots)

IPS color LCD

8 inch XGA(1,024x768 dots)

IPS color LCD

Touch panel

Electrostatic capacitance,

multi-touch compatible

Electrostatic capacitance,

multi-touch compatible

Communication function

Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, NFC

Wireless LAN, Bluetooth

Visual function

Mounted with IROMI® engine

Mounted with IROMI® engine


Front mounted (valid pixels: 1.2 million pixels)

Back mounted (valid pixels: 5 million pixels)

Front mounted (valid pixels: 1.2 million pixels)

Back mounted (valid pixels: 5 million pixels)

Battery runtime

Approximately 11.5 hours

Approximately 8.0 hours

[IROMI® Engine Features]

1.  Color correction and adjustment function: Implements equipment based color management

Makes use of color matching technology developed by DNP as part of image processing for printing, and adjusts the colors used in images displayed on tablet terminals so as to be as closer to those of the original object. Color matching technology also helps to minimize color variation on displays that arise as a result of using different equipment.


At left, pre-adjustment / At right, post-adjustment

2.  Contrast adjustment function: Achieves Aesthetically Pleasing and Real Image Expressions at Low Power Consumption

IROMI® engine is mounted with contrast adjustment technology developed by Apical Limited of the UK, which recognizes the dark and light portions on the same screen surface, and suitably adjusts the contrasts in the same way as the human retina. As a result, visibility is improved, and real and aesthetically pleasing image expressions are made possible. Even if the display backlight output (brightness) is lowered it is possible to maintain the visibility at original output (brightness), facilitating lower power consumption.


Caption: At left, pre-contrast adjustment / At right, post- contrast adjustment

3. Blue-Light Adjustment Function: Cuts Color Change and Reduces Blue-Light

As a result of a function that adjusts the blue-light emitted by LCD screens, it has been possible to achieve a tablet terminal that is soft on the eye


At left, before adjustment for blue-light / At right, following adjustment for blue-light

[Anticipated Usage Areas for Tablet Terminals]

As use of the original tablet terminals makes it possible to reproduce colors close to those of actual objects, such as products and various printed materials, usage is anticipated in a broad array of areas, including sales promotion tools, such as e-catalogues along with teaching and other printed materials for schools and educational institutions along with art galleries.

- Sales Promotion Activities

As it is possible to take contents, such as printed materials, including paper publications, posters and catalogues and in-store POP etc., or those displayed on websites and e-catalogues, and reproduce the colors to match the actual products, it is possible to boost the brand image presented to consumers.

- Schools and Education

Looking ahead, as it is envisaged that dual usage will be made of digital textbooks and teaching materials displayed on tablet terminals alongside existing paper text books and teaching materials, it will be necessary to match the colors of each respective media. Also, the guidebook for the use of ICT with consideration for the health of school children released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, includes specialists comments regarding the effect of eye fatigue as a result of blue-light. Joint research will be conducted with a research team led by Dr. Kazuo Tsubota of the Keio University School of Medicine's Department of Ophthalmology regarding the effect of functions included in the IROMI® engine, beginning with the blue-light adjustment function.

- Art Education and Workshops

Through the Louvre - DNP Museum Lab project, DNP will produce original educational contents based on color management know-how in the art area which is known for its rigorous quality demands, particularly in the area of color reproduction. The workshop application for tablet terminals facilitating the appreciation of works of art in the collections of the Musée du Louvre developed by DNP, is being used in art classes at primary and junior high schools in the Tokyo and Tohoku regions of Japan as a new venture, and it is planned to offer this workshop in a set with the newly developed tablet terminal.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer the DNP original system for achieving total color management in a set with the original tablet terminal targeting companies along with the contents and display, to a broad set of areas, including companies that engage in face-to-face sales, such as those in the retail distribution industry, and the mail order industry, along with the educational industry and art gallery and museums, aiming for related sales of 1.5 billion yen in fiscal year 2016.

Looking ahead, the IROMI® engine will be integrated not only with tablet terminals, but also various displays, beginning with digital signage equipment, and DNP will offer IROMI® as a total color management solution.

1: A Taipei, Taiwan-based major Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of notebook computers and tablet terminals.
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