DNP, Nittoh Kogaku, Lightoda, and J-Cast Tie up in LED Luminescent Panel Emitting Highly Uniform Light Gentle on the Eyes

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Nittoh Kogaku K.K.
J-cast Inc.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), Nittoh Kogaku K.K. (Nittoh Kogaku), Lightoda and J-cast Inc. (J-cast), have signed an agreement regarding a planning, manufacturing and sales tie up for thin LED luminescent panels that emit a uniform light that is gentle on the eyes. Looking ahead, the four partners will capitalize on the thin, light-weight characteristics of LED luminescent panels that preclude the need for a frame, and will launch sales targeting companies and corporations, focused on indoor lighting equipment for automobiles, aircrafts and trains. Also, through the implementation of design features, such as the color-coating of the panel surface, commercial and cultural facilities, such as hotels with high-end spatial design concepts, will also be targeted with the focus on decorative lighting devices.

[New Product Properties]

The new product is a next generation LED luminescent panel. It employs high-efficiency light guide plate technology1 that applies the newly developed LED and scattering theory, with a low profile plate of just 11mm, and no frame. The quality of the light is close to sunlight and is gentle on the eyes, and compared to currently marketed LED luminescent panels emits a uniform light. The panel capitalizes on the absence of a frame by fully emitting light to the very edges of the plate. Connecting multiple panels allows for use as a large scale light emitter with superior design effects.

Right: Example of composite image construction using "The Tiger," by Jakuchu Ito, from the Etsuko and Joe Price collections.


Equipment size

300mm x 600mm x 11mm 2

Color temperature

3,000 K

5,000 K

Color rendering properties

Ra 93

Plate surface illumination intensity

18,000 lx

20,000 lx

Rated luminous flux

2,000 lm

2,200 lm

Power consumption


Fixed energy consumption efficiency

57 lm/W

63 lm/W


Surface mounting/embedding/stand/pendant

Working voltage



2.9 kg 2

Light modulation

5-100% 3

Estimated life

50,0000 hours 4

Scope of customization

- Color temperature customization 5

- Special 3-D printing

[Product Features]

  1. Frameless: The frame is often used to allocate, and seal off, LED light sources, but the new product is based on a frameless structure, where the entire panel surface including sides emits light.
  2. Uniform light: The new product maintains a highly uniform surface brightness in excess of 90%, helping to realize uniform high intensity light that can be viewed from a variety of angles in the individual portions of panel surface.
  3. Low-profile, light-weight: With a low profile of just 11mm the newly developed product successfully achieves a thinness that significantly surpasses currently available LED luminescent panels. At 2.9kg over a 300mm x 600mm product size, the newly developed product is also light weight.
  4. Superior design features: Under the development and supervision of Seiju Toda 6, an internationally acclaimed Japanese artist, the newly developed product is a high-grade luminescent panel that also boasts superior artistic and design features.

[Anticipated Usage]

Universal lighting devices

Commercial and residential spaces, in-vehicle settings etc.

Space design

Company showrooms and exhibition spaces, including uses in exhibition panels (backlit displays) and lighting for sales promotion tools.

Art board

Art boards with attached prints of well-known art works for backlit displays.

[Pricing on a Pre-Tax Basis]

100,000 yen per panel (based on a 300mm x 600mm size)

* Surface processing, design fees not included. Light modulation functions are offered on an optional basis.

[Looking Ahead]

The four partners will jointly engage in product planning. Lightoda will be responsible for product design, J-cast for marketing, PR and publicity, Nittoh Kogaku for manufacturing and technological development, and DNP for marketing and sales. DNP will market the newly developed product mainly to commercial and cultural facilities, companies engaged in corporate spatial planning, design and construction, along with automobile, aircraft and railcar manufacturers, aiming for total sales of 10 billion yen over the next three years from this product and related orders including surface printing, planning and marketing services.

1: High-efficiency optical guidance plate technology: Developed by Professor Yasuhiro Koike of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University
2: Size and weight of LED luminescent panel unit. Installation tools and light source drivers not included.
3: Conforms to Lutron EcoSystem. Should be used in conjunction with Lutron EcoSystem light modulator.
4: Estimated life based on case when LED brightness is reduced to 70% in a usage environment at 30 degrees centigrade.
5: Color temperature customization available for 2200K/2500K/2700K/3500K/4000K/6500K/8000K. Minimum lot and delivery schedules may be negotiated on an individual basis.
6: Seiju Toda: Born in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Engaged in the art direction of numerous projects including those for Suntory Royal, canned beer from Suntory Holdings Ltd., Isetan fashion campaign and logo mark, cover of AERA the magazine issued by Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc., opening campaign for the Ark Mori Building Roppongi, Also, responsible for the presentation of the main hall during the 2008 Hokkaido Toya-ko Summit and art direction. Has received numerous awards including those from the Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition Museum Prize, the International Block Print Biennial Museum Award, Cracow, the Special Award at the 11the International Poster Biennial, Warsaw and the Grand Prix at the International Design Exhibition of France. Toda's works are preserved on a permanent basis at 30 art galleries around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) New York.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.