DNP and JISHA Cooperate on Stress Check Requirements

Develop safe and secure operational service system

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA) are pleased to announce the April start of joint collaboration on provision of services designed to ensure the safe and secure implementation of stress checks required of employees at companies with sites employing 50 or more staff. Contracting companies entrust JISHA with information processing operations related to the stress check service, and the latter is now outsourcing these operations to DNP, which has developed a reputation for delivering highly secure information security functions. As a result, since April the partners have been able to offer a high quality service capable of being operated in a safe and secure manner. Full scale outsourcing operations for large lot users began in June.


The Amendment to the Industrial Safety and Health Act of Japan was enforced from December 1, 2015, and requires companies that operate work sites employing 50 or more staff to conduct stress checks of those staff members1. When conducting stress checks it is necessary to manage the personal information of staff members in a rigorous fashion, so as to prevent viewing of the data in employee replies to check sheet questions by third parties, or those with authority for personnel affairs. Practitioners that conduct the stress checks, such as physicians, and clerical staff that support the practitioners, conduct the inputting of reply data and the outputting of stress evaluation results in an appropriate manner and are required to notify the said-employees directly.

JISHA has offered a stress survey service from 2002, and commenced stress check systems compliant services in line with the emergence of legal requirements to conduct such tests. In addition, JISHA also conducts stress check introduction support, work environment assessments and suggestions for improvements based on stress check results, along with employee education.

DNP has expanded Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations, whereby companies and organizations outsource operational processes to external companies with specialist technology and know-how. In particular, DNP has capitalized on the know-how developed in BPO operations that processed high volume data from financial institutions in a safe and certain manner, and now operates a BPO center that complies with such high security standards. In this latest development, JISHA has entrusted DNP with stress check service operations that handle highly confidential stress assessment data. And as a result, JISHA can now offer this service to companies looking to introduce such stress check systems in a safe and secure manner.

[DNP Service Summary]

DNP will engage in the following operations, in an environment that complies with high security standards for handling critical data, including personal information.

  • The printing of check sheets listing full names and work departments based on employee data provided by the company
  • Data inputting of completed employee check sheets
  • Printing of individual reports, enclosing in and sealing of envelopes, along with forwarding of same.
  • Incidental tasks related to the above.


 [DNP BPO Service Features]

Highly Safe Data Security System

DNP provides BPO services in a high security environment that complies with security standards required by various industries, beginning with PrivacyMark and Information Security Management System. In addition to ensuring facilities and equipment safety, DNP also strengthened system-related security technology, and enhanced organizational operations and education systems.

High Volume Information Processing Responses

DNP has established facilities and systems that allow for concurrent progress with multiple BPO contracts, such as accepting applications in high volume on a nationwide basis, shared center operations for scores of financial institutions, and the acceptance of millions of units of documentation from companies' applicants. DNP is also capable of flexibly responding to operations where processing needs may pile up for a short time.

High Reliability as a Result of Process Optimization

DNP has designed a processing system capable of responding to the attributes of such operations, and through test operations has successfully developed a full system for handling check sheets with numerous entries and complex contents in high volume. And by performing the integrated management of all processes, such as the accurate recording of documentation, confirming the consistency of categorized documentation, and handling of incomplete documents, it is possible to operate the system in a safe, sure and efficient manner.

[Pricing and Sales Targets]

JISHA Stress Check Service: 648 yen per person (stress check alone)

(Discounts available for large lot orders and repeat usage)

DNP will offer the JISHA Stress Check service to client companies that are considering introducing stress checking systems, aiming for total sales from all BPO services of approximately 500 million yen in the period to FY 2018.

1: Companies with work sites employing less than 50 staff are obliged to make similar efforts.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.