DNP Develops Efficient Counting System for Food Microorganisms

Unique image analysis technology helps achieve high-precision counts in short time

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a counter system that is compatible with currently available film mediums for microorganism tests1 that the Company markets for food checks at food and beverage manufacturers. Marketing activities will commence in June.


The importance of microorganism tests is becoming increasingly important at food and beverage manufacturers in order to maintain food safety and security, and as a result, the number and frequency of such tests is on the rise. At present, staff engaged in such tests at manufacturers are required to cultivate microorganisms via mediums, such as those using agar, or sheet-based simple mediums. Following this, staff are then required to visually and manually confirm the number of microorganism colonies. However, this entails a heavy work burden, takes time, and errors may occur in the resulting count, depending on the individual. Systems for counting colonies do exist, but they come with complex set up tasks, and present the challenge of low measurement precision.   

DNP has capitalized on the image analysis technology developed over a period of many years, and has developed a high-precision counting system that is compatible with film mediums for microorganism checks.

[Counter System]

1, More Efficient Counting

The newly developed system uploads images of colonies cultivated on film mediums for microorganism tests, and performs an automatic count, along with the storage of the results and images. Processing speed is approximately 5 seconds per image, and the system can process 14 images in succession, helping to cut counting time and reduce work burdens.

2, High-Precision Counts

By using DNPs unique image analysis technology, it is now possible to perform high-precision colony counts on the same level as those done visually to date, without the need for a sensitivity setting. And by adopting the new system, it is possible to level counting tasks and omit counting errors by individual operators.

3, Simple Searches for Count Results and Images

Count results and images are automatically saved on a date and category basis, making it easier to perform test result searches and confirmation tasks.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Package costs: 530,000 yen

Package contents: Colony count system application, dedicated computer (image at left), and dedicated scanner (image at right).  


[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market the newly developed film mediums for microorganism tests to food, beverage and confectionary manufacturers along with restaurant chains. And in addition to film medium aims for total sales of 600 million yen over the next 3 years.


1: A product that takes the nutritional components necessary for microorganism culture and coats them on a sheet-type film. Compared to currently available petri-dish based agar mediums, the newly developed product is easy to use, facilitating firm and efficient testing.
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