DNP to Commence One-Stop Service to Increase Application Security

Combines a Pradeo Security Systems Service with DNP CrackProof

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will commence a one-stop service to increase application security from the development stages through general release, and into the post-release stage. The new service successfully combines the application service developed by Pradeo Security Systems (Pradeo) of France that is used in 41 countries, with CrackProof, a DNP service that prevents illegal application tampering.

[Service Summary]

In line with the improved performance of smartphones and tablet terminals, there has also been a rise in high-convenience applications, such as account balance confirmation applications targeting financial institutions based on personal and payment data. At the same time, risks are also on the rise, such as leaks of personal information due to illicit application decoding or tampering, and the need to strengthen information security functions from development through operation is now a challenge.
In this latest development, DNP will offer a one-stop service designed to boost information security functions from the development stages through general release, and into the post-release stage. Companies adopting the new service begin at the application development stage by running the behavior test by using Automatic App Audit Service created by Pradeo, to prevent attacks from unknown threats, and can then prevent tampering with files run on the developed application by using CrackProof from DNP. Following general release of the application it is possible to detect the degree of danger of other applications downloaded on the same smartphone with App Protection Service from Pradeo. By running these multi-layers security measures at three different levels, it is possible to boost security further, and deliver merit to both companies and the consumers that use such applications. 

1, Application Development Stage

There are instances of application developers using publicly available general-purpose programs to develop applications, but these harbor the potential for malicious third-parties to install malware on such programs, and manipulate information leading to data leaks. Malware is a software created with the intention of engaging in illicit and damaging behavior. However, by uploading executable files during application development via Automatic App Audit Service in a cloud environment, it is possible to display a security test result report for that application. The application developer can run repeated security checks until the audit items set in line with in-house security policies are cleared, and the program progressively corrected.

2, Prior to Application Release

CrackProof is a service that prevents illegal application decoding or tampering, and has been adopted in a variety of industries, including finance, gaming, and automobiles. Applying CrackProof in a cloud environment following the running of Automatic App Audit Service will prevent illicit application tampering.

3, Post-Release

When consumers boot applications pre-embedded App Protection Service checks the degree of danger of other applications downloaded on the same smartphone or tablet or others, and in cases of illicit applications, it is possible to design the illicit applications so as to terminate booting, or uninstall the illicit applications. The new service judges the degree of danger based on analysis results from approximately 1.5 million applications to prevent malware-driven information leaks.
Companies can utilize these three services in the same cloud environment in a seamless manner, boosting the efficiency of more secure application development. 
Automatic App Audit Service and App Protection Service are application security testing services provided by Pradeo. The automatic security testing of mobile application via comprehensible criteria that match company security policies has developed a firm reputation and is used in 41 countries.
CrackProof is an application security hardening service provided by DNP HyperTech Co., Ltd., a DNP Group company. 


Pricing is dependent on application usage formats, with individual estimates available.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will strengthen information security measures in line with increased social needs, and will provide various information security solutions, including consulting and marketing. In particular, the new service will be marketed to companies developing and providing applications in various industries, including automobiles, financial institutions, game makers and Home Energy Management Systems, aiming for sales of 5.0 billion yen over the next five years.

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