DNP Develops Highly Durable Transparent Barrier Film

For use as exterior material of medical infusion bags

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has used a transparent barrier film manufactured with Chemical Vapor Deposition1 (CVD) technology to develop an exterior material for medical infusion bags. The superior flexibility of the new barrier film maintains, such as bend tolerance has been positively evaluated and led to its commercial adoption.

[Developmental Background]

In the medical industry, infusion containers are undergoing a progressive shift to infusion bags that use plastic film printed with the pharmaceutical or contents name, in order to reduce waste and preventing medical accidents. Currently, infusion bags use an  aluminum foil laminated plastic film with high barrier properties as the external material, given that the moisture and electrolytes or nutrients deteriorate when coming into contact with water vapors or oxygen. In recent years, however, there have been increased needs for the use of a transparent film that makes it possible to confirm the contents of the infusion bag, and resultant demands for highly durable transparent barrier film.

DNP offers transparent barrier film based on an original CVD technology for foods, and in this latest development has applied that technology to develop a transparent barrier film that optimizes resilience and barrier performance as external material for infusion bags.

[Transparent Barrier Film as Exterior Material for Infusion Bags]

  • Maintains superior durability against bending, and as the barrier properties do not deteriorate, is suitable for use as the external material for infusion bags.
  • As the newly developed film maintains high barrier properties against water vapor and oxygen, it is possible to prevent contents deterioration.
  • Highly transparent, it is possible to make a visual confirmation of the contents.
  • Compared to existing transparent barrier film based on aluminum metallizing, durability has been increased by approximately 20%.


[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market the newly developed transparent barrier film to medical equipment and pharmaceutical makers that manufacture infusion bags, both in Japan and overseas, aiming for sales of 1.0 billion yen by FY 2018.


1: CVD: A thin layer coating technology that causes a chemical reaction in a vacuum from the gas that is the raw material of the layer, and coats a thin layer on the surface of the film. DNP was the first company in the world to adopt this technology for packaging material uses. The thin film manufactured using this technology experiences little deterioration from the expansion and contraction of, or bending of the film.


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