DNP Commences High-Security Management System for Mission Critical Corporate Documentation

Makes Use of IC Tags

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will commence a Document Management Service that combines a system using IC tags to manage mission critical data at companies and the discs storing such digital data in a safe and efficient manner, with a service for the digitalization of documents, as well as a document and disc storage service.

[Background to Service Launch]

We are seeing increasing needs, particularly from financial institutions, as part of their efforts to strengthen internal controls, to establish management environments equipped with high level information security in order to manage mission critical documentation. To support safe and efficient document management methods, DNP will commence a service that combines a management system that makes use of IC tags with a system that performs digitalization tasks for documentation in a high-security environment along with storage.

[Overview of Document Management System]

The new service will combine the following systems to match individual company needs.

1.  Documentation Digitalization Service

DNP will offer a service for the digitalization of hard-copy documents, and render them viewable via computer screens etc., along with the application of an IC tag or barcode to discs storing the data. It will also be possible to offer a system for viewing digitalized documents via the network.

2.  Document Management System Using IC Tags (Includes Marketing of IC Tags)

DNP will market a system for companies looking to perform in-house documentation management.

This is a system for the efficient management of the lending and return, stocktaking and disposal etc. of documentation, by reading off IC tags attached to individual documents with an IC tag reader. If users attempt to pass through a dedicated gate without performing correct documentation loan procedures, the system triggers an alarm to prevent unauthorized removal. It is also possible flexibly respond to a variety of operational procedures, such as attaching IC tags on a document-basis in the case of documentation with a high usage frequency, while attaching IC tags to boxes storing such documentation in the case of documents that see less frequent usage. DNP also offers an optimal IC tag lineup for each surface the tags are attached to, including laminated tags that facilitate bulk read offs in instances where multiple documents or boxes are stacked, as well as those directly applied to discs.

Checking failure to record lending (left) / Making stocktaking more efficient (right)

3.  Document Storage Service

DNP will also offer a service storing documents that companies can no longer maintain on site at DNP warehouse facilities. The Company will use a dedicated inventory management system to intake documents from, and deliver them to, companies based on storage and retrieval instructions from those companies.

[Pre-tax Prices]

Price estimates will be quoted on an individual basis.

Reference price only: Standard set (Document management system using IC tags)

- 10 million yen

The standard set includes 10,000 IC tags, gateways and handy terminals for performing stocktaking confirmation.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer the document management service mainly to financial institutions aiming for total sales in the 3-year period through fiscal year 2016 of 500 million yen.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.