DNP Bundles Seven Interactive Viewing Systems in Low Cost Format Targeting Exhibition Spaces and Showrooms

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has bundled together seven interactive viewing systems developed for exhibition spaces and showrooms, and is pleased to be able to offer them at low cost and with a short lead time. These systems combine technologies, such as image synthesis, sensing and multi-media, with interactive attributes that allow for contrasting experiences by linking them to the user's movements. As a result, it is possible to offer such experiences as the feeling of walking into the scenes of famous paintings, taking original designs and creating real objects from them, and of being able to see through walls.

[Overview of the Seven Interactive Viewing Systems]

1, Walkview

The user stands in front of an image projected onto a screen or wall, whose appearance changes to match the direction in which he or she walks, allowing the user to feel as though he or she were actually walking into the image. The system works by using a sensor to detect the user's position and alter the displayed information (the appearance of the image) to match the user's movements.

[At left] The user enters the space of the projected image, viewing the overall image.
[Center] In this space, the user moves freely from left to right, or forwards and to the rear, and is able to experience the image from various standpoints.
[At right] Through this experience, it is possible for the user to sense that the image has several noteworthy parts.

2, Workshop Creator

Workshop Creator is a system allowing users to combine multiple designs and patterns selected from touch panel monitors, and create a design simulation in a simple manner. The following photos show a colorful decorative plate, with a flower and a goldfish design arranged on a white base. It is possible to utilize this system as workshop tool, installing multiple monitors and using it in group work, or to exhibit creations by projecting images of the design results onto actual products.

[At left] The system allows users to create a design simulation by simple operation.
[Center] It is possible to freely create designs by combining the displayed design parts.
[At right] By projecting the completed design on actual products, it is possible to confirm the finished product and enjoy the various creations with others.

3, Flow Table

By touching the various icons appearing on the touch panel screen, explanatory information related to the icons is displayed on the monitor. This system is suitable for explaining systematic information, as it has a marked eye-catching effect, and can be used to guide the user from one piece of information to other related information.

4, AR (Augmented Reality) Pamphlets

By placing a pamphlet on the table, images supplementing the pamphlet information are projected onto the same table. The projected images alter to match the movements of the user in placing the pamphlet on the table, as well as opening and closing it.

5, Effect Shot

Effect Shot is a system that takes an image of the user and synthesizes it in real time with a scene projected on a wall or screen. This allows users to experience the feeling of actually entering part of the screen-based scene.

6, Wall Presenter

Wall Presenter is a system that uses a laser pointer to project onto a wall images and scenes not actually visible to the eye, such as the view on the other side of a hollowed out wall, or the internal structure of the wall, itself.

7, History Wall

History Wall is a system that presents chronologically arranged information on an interactive basis. By touching on touch panel parts of their choice, users can confirm related information in a more detailed manner. As they view the information, users will deepen their interest in the contents, leading to a better understanding.

[Costs and Lead Time]

By bundling together the seven viewing systems, it is possible to provide the system at between 33% and 50% of the cost and lead time compared to instances where each system may have been developed on an individual basis.

Cost: Approximately 4.0 million yen ~ 7.0 million yen

Lead Time: Approximately 2 months ~ 3 months

* Detailed costs and lead time estimates to be prepared on an individual basis.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market this system to art galleries, museums, corporate resource centers and showrooms, and for factory tours and events, aiming for sales of approximately 1.0 billion yen in fiscal year 2014, including related services.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.