DNP Develops Event Marketing Support System to Collect Event Visitor Reactions

Data can be used in digital marketing

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the development of the DNP Event Marketing Support System that collects and manages such visitor-driven data, as invitations to, and attendance at, exhibitions and seminars, while also gauging reactions at the venue and questionnaire results. The newly developed system is set for a launch early in the spring of 2017.
Client companies will be able to input data, such as visitor reactions, to tablet terminals, thereby collecting high precision digital data that they can then store and use on a safe cloud environment. Further optional add-ons include, linking visitor data to websites, smartphone applications and marketing automation (MA) tools, to amplify the digital marketing effect.


Companies emphasize events, such as exhibitions and seminars where they can interact directly with visitors to develop and promote sales of new products. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on Event Marketing (EM), where companies take various data gathered at events, including the degree of potential customer interest in products and services, and utilize this in later negotiations to create orders. EM also makes it possible to take potential and actualized customers and transform them into good customers.
To date, DNP has installed servers at event venues and offered a visitor management system that cross-references and confirms visitor information, along with services that record communications with visitors at events as digital data using IC tags and terminal applications, allowing for use in sale activities.
In this latest development, and based on the know-how acquired by offering such services, DNP has boosted operability at events and made it easier to obtain the necessary event marketing data, to develop a new system using information security conscious networks and cloud servers. 


The newly developed system is composed of a tablet terminal application and a cloud server. Client companies can perform application inputs of the action histories of visitors that accept invitations and attend the underlying events, accumulate this data on servers through the network, and use it to support digital marketing data analysis, such as event marketing.

The main features are as follows:

1. Event marketing dedicated tablet terminal application

  • The application helps reduce reception burdens at event venues
  • Facilitates the acquisition of detailed customer data from reception to negotiations by using tablet terminals loaded with optional add-on memo and questionnaire functions.
  • As the user interface design facilitates an intuitive use, this also helps reduce the educational and training burdens on company representatives.

2. Achieves more efficient event operations, with a management screen that can gather information in real time

  • Capable of taking client data from other client management systems and using it as event invitations.
  • Creates more efficient pre-event invitation operations, including the ability to collate and confirm visitor application conditions on a department-by-department basis.
  • Capable of collating visitor attendance data in real-time on the day of the event. It is possible to view visitor status via a tablet terminal, and confirm the visitor target achievement status, as well as making real-time contacts with sales staff regarding visitors to the venue.
  • The new system makes it easier to perform overall management of periodic events, and supports more sophisticated event marketing.

3. Uses cloud server operated under sophisticated information security.

  • Acquired client data is stored on the DNP Kashiwa Data Center cloud server in a sophisticated information security environment.

4. Optimal customization service available, including event operation support and system applications

  • DNP offers a total support system, including tablet terminal rentals, application setting and event operation support on the day.
  • Customization of system setting and application development in line with the event scale and individual needs on an optional add-on basis.


  • System usage license fee: From 600,000 yen
  • Anticipated conditions: visitor numbers of 5,000 people to events held over a period of approximately three days. System usage period, from preparations to post-event data collection, one month. One-time briefing regarding equipment set ups and usage instructions.

Note: Fees do not include equipment procurement, optional add-ons such as negotiation memo and questionnaire functions, event operational support, customization of system applications and various system tie ups, or on-site support fees.

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP will use a variety of information terminals and IoT technology to develop functions that keep pace with the sophistication of event marketing, on a serial basis. At the same time, the Company will be engaged in the overall production of events, such as promotion and venue establishment, while also serving as a one-stop outlet for system-linked digital marketing services, such as MA, CRM and BI.
DNP aims for sales of 500 million yen in 2020 from the newly developed system and related marketing operations.

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