DNP Commences Intelligent Communication Platform to Support Communication between Humans and Robots Using AI

Begins by developing AI Voice Navigation System and an AI Dialogue System

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has commenced the configuration of an Intelligent Communications Platform to support high level communications between humans and robots. The aim of this platform is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to successfully create a set of conditions whereby robots and human beings can engage in high level communication, such as intelligent creation leading to innovation and dialogue that anticipates people's intentions. To launch this service, the Company has developed an AI Voice Navigation System and an AI Dialogue System.

[Developmental Background]

Japan is facing a shrinking labor pool due to an aging population combined with a falling birth rate, and labor shortages are expected. Robots are viewed as a promising way to offset this labor shortage. However, in order for robots and humans to jointly engage in creative activities, it is necessary for robots to be endowed with the intelligence to engage in dialogue that anticipates the intentions of human beings, at the same time as thinking and learning. Cloud computing has seen progress in research in such areas as machine learning, where machines are automatically taught concepts or behavioral programs, and in the extraction of necessary intelligent information from vast amounts of web-based information. As a result, AI is experiencing sharp advances.

DNP has developed an intelligent communication platform in order to support the intelligent activities of companies and consumers. This has been achieved by combining the latest AI technology with the communication related technology developed by the Company to offer the necessary intelligent systems to allow robots and humans to engage in dialogue.

[Intelligent Communication Platform]

  • DNP will take intelligent processing functions, from the voice recognition necessary for communications to creative power and dialogue, and will present them in a cloud format.
  • By repeatedly engaging in dialogue with humans, intelligent processing functions accumulate information, such as knowledge and emotions, and improve intelligence levels and the accuracy of judging emotions.

Anticipated Applications

  • In considering new product development and new business launches.
  • When proposing related products or unexpected products based on broad product knowledge in a store-based customer service situation.
  • As a communication tool for use with consumers at amusement facilities etc.

[Newly Developed Systems]

AI Voice Navigation System

By installing digital signage with an inbuilt AI voice navigation system at exhibition and event halls, visitors can talk directly to the digital signage facilitating the interactive operation of the navigation system. Information such as exhibition contents and a list of performers can be presented in the form of video, still photos and/or voice. A computer analyzes the human spoken voice making it possible to accurately display the specific event-related information that the visitor wants.

AI Dialogue System

Through voice-based robot-human dialogue, robots automatically learn new words related to those in the dialogue from vast amounts of web page data. And by accumulating those learning results, it is possible to present related vocabulary and information, along with ideas leading to surprising discoveries.

[Forward Looking Events]

In addition to developing the necessary functions for human-robot communication, DNP plans to improve the convenience of the newly developed system and aims to implement the system by 2015.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.