DNP and Kii Offer Device Backend by Kii

Cloud service with a universal backend function

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Kii Corporation

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Kii Corporation (Kii) plan to offer Device Backend by Kii from February 1. It is a BaaS1-type cloud service offering universal backend system functions required in the development and operation of mobile applications for smartphones etc. delivered via API2.


Against the backdrop of increased penetration of smart phones, and forecasts for an expansion in IoT3 and M2M4 services that use information equipment connected to networks, there are growing demand for accelerated smart phone application development and cost reductions.

In answer to such needs, DNP and Kii will offer a platform equipped with universal backend functions necessary in the development of various smart phone applications. The application developer can focus on frontend development, such as the screen design and operating interface, allowing for the more timely and low cost development of application and information services. And as this new service is operated by the DNP Kashiwa Data Center that is equipped with both high security attributes and earthquake resistant features, companies adopting the service can utilize it free from security and other concerns.

[Device Backend by Kii Functions]

1.  Member Management: The new service performs sign up, log in/log out, group management, SNS authentication (Twitter, Facebook), Short Message System based telephone number authentication and mail address authentication.

2.  Push Notification: It is possible to have messages and information on bargains and updates automatically forwarded by the operator to the user, while also facilitating user-to-user communication via a simple setting on the administrator portal screen.

3.  Data Management: The new service facilitates the management, by the operator through the administrator screen, of the saving, organization, sharing, synchronizing, and search regarding data in various formats, and the upload/download of images and video, along with settings designed to limit the availability of files.

4.  Positional Data: With the new service it is possible to offer positional data linked functions, such as obtaining data based on smart phone positional data and to perform searches, while also distributing the optimal data matching a specific location.

5.  Managing Things: With this new service, it is also possible to use the aforementioned functions not only via smart phones, but also from "Things," as part of the Internet of Things, such as wearable devices connected to internet settings that carry the application.    

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Startup fee: 50,000 yen, with a monthly usage fee of 100,000 yen

  • Maximum ceilings: API 15 million calls, 5 million push notification: 20GB storage, 1,000 GB downloads.
  • Excess rates: 1,200 yen per 1 million API calls, 800 yen per 1 million push notifications, 9 yen per 1GB storage, 20 yen per 1GB of downloads.

Device Backend by Kii based Application Development


 [Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer the new service to companies aiming to achieve low cost and timely launches of application services, such as those targeting member services, retail promotion, operational systems, games and entertainment uses, and those planning to add such backend linked functions as member management for existing application services, push-based information delivery and positional information. And by cooperating with Kii, DNP will expand and improve BaaS platform functions on a continuous basis, aiming for sales of 500 million yen in FY 2015.


*1 API(Application Programming Interface) : Policies stipulating procedures and formats for using software functions and data on multiple programs.
*2 BaaS(Backend as a Service) : A cloud service providing universal server functions for operating applications.
*3 IoT(Internet of Things) : A service realized through connecting "things" to the internet, other than data equipment, such as housing facilities and consumption goods.
*4 M2M(Machine to Machine) : A service for data exchanges and controls between network connected equipment.


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.