DNP Develops Dedicated Positioning Information Service-Linked IoT Platform

Facilitates customer attraction or behavioral awareness services in short time

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has successfully developed an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that integrates the necessary functions for a variety of services based on positional information. This new service will be offered from November, 2016.

The newly developed service is offered in an integrated format, including an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK)1 to help companies reply to consumer needs for facility floor guides and coupon delivery in designated areas, along with customer traffic confirmation services that analyze the movement of people and goods. And by combining the new service with the DNP Solar Cell-Powered Bluetooth® Beacon2 it will be possible for companies to start up positional information–based IoT services with just a short lead time.


We are seeing increased needs for positional information-linked services, such as Bluetooth® Beacons and Global Positioning System-driven route guides, along with customer and goods traffic confirmation devices at various commercial facilities, including airports, bus and railway stations, and shopping centers. IoT usage scope has continued to grow from marketing to distribution management, and has recently taken in geo-fencing used in the delivery of coupons over a designated area only, and inventory controls at warehouses. At the same time, companies looking to launch IoT services are faced with time and cost expenditure constraints, including appropriate device selection, application development, server configuration and operational management. Easier start up methods are in demand.

In answer to these demands, DNP has developed a standardized system platform that integrates the API and SDK needed to implement positional information services, particularly those IoT services in high demand, such as navigational and customer and goods traffic confirmation.

[IoT Platform Features]

1, Standardized API and SDK Equipment

In addition to such basic functions as contents, device ID management and log data collation, API and SDK are included as standardized equipment. Such standardized equipment is necessary in navigational services facilitating searches for the shortest routes between two points, customer traffic confirmation services that analyze the movement of people and goods, and informational services, such as ads and coupons.

2, Cloud Service in Secure Environment for the Safe Handling of Personal Information

The new service uses the cloud data server at the DNP Kashiwa Data Center, jointly operated by DNP and Nihon Unisys, Ltd. A variety of data are managed in a safe and secure manner under a high security environment, which has developed a rich track record for handling personal data.  

3, No Power Supply-Type IoT Devices

The new service can be used with the DNP Solar Cell-Powered Bluetooth® Beacon activated by low level lighting. Maintenance burdens, such as changing batteries, are low, and it is possible to use IoT for such in-facility uses as positional determination and data distribution that cannot be covered by GPS.


Start up costs: From 300,000 yen

Cloud environment usage fees: From 160,000 yen per month

Usage-based API fees: From 60,000 yen per month

Optional add-ons include application development and the production of data analysis reports.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will propose this platform to companies providing consumers with services at large-scale indoor facilities, such as retail distributors, restaurants, amusement centers, airports and stations. Including related operations, such as application development and operational tasks, the company aims for sales of 1.0 billion yen by FY 2020.

* DNP has positioned Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and the Environment and Energy as business growth areas, and is promoting the development of new products, services and systems that people will take for granted in the future. In particular, with the expected penetration of the IoT into the society, DNP is presently engaged in the application of security technology, represented by IC cards, and information processing technology driven by IT achievements in a variety of industries, to develop a new IoT value "IoST: Internet of Secure Things".
1. The SDK is a packaged product including the programs and documentation necessary for software development. DNP also offers a position determining software library.
2. For more information please see the report of June 22, 2016 at
* The Bluetooth® wordmark is the registered trademark held by Bluetooth SIG Inc. DNP uses these marks under license.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.