DNP Launches "Digital Newspaper Direct by honto"
New Digital Newspaper Marketing Service

 Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the May 8 launch of Digital Newspaper Direct by honto, a member-based, paid-for digital newspaper marketing service that facilitates the viewing of specialist and industry publication via computer or mobile phones.

 The new service allows subscribers to purchase digital newspapers with broadly the same-timing as the paper versions, and to view them in the same layout as the originals. In its initial offering, the new service will market digital editions of specialist and industry publications related to food and beverages, as well as construction and housing.

[Background to Service Launch]

Specialist and industry publications carry extremely detailed information regarding products and services of specific areas, industries, products and service, along with their markets. This information is highly valued by relevant companies, organizations, universities and vocational colleges, and such publications are well-subscribed. The publications contain a large amount of information that is useful in such areas as the production of client presentation materials, R&D, and for staying abreast of industry developments. And while such publications are often circulated for reading by various figures at subscriber locations, as paper remains the principal publishing medium, there have been calls for the development of a service that digitalizes the contents to allow multiple people to view them on a simultaneous basis, while also making them portable beyond subscriber premises.

 In order to provide an solution to these needs, DNP has capitalized on the know-how developed in the creation and operation of the hybrid bookstore service "honto," and is pleased to announce the launch of Digital Newspaper Direct by honto.

[Overview of Digital Newspaper Direct by honto]

Using this new service subscribers can register as members, log-in using their member ID, and download digitalized newspaper contents to their computers, Android devices, iPhone or iPad for viewing. Members can also view articles in the same layout as the original newspaper.

Newspapers adopting this service are also in the position of being able to commence digital services without the need to shoulder start-up and operational costs. Meanwhile, by being able to take full advantage of the merits of digitalization, and delivering specialty publications to each member on an as needed basis - as well as in a timely manner - newspapers can improve reader convenience, and anticipate the acquisition of new subscribers. In its initial offering, this new service will market 17 specialty and/or industry publications from 12 companies, including partial digests.


Members that register during the pre-launch period from May 8 until June 1 may view contents free of charge. Regarding the period from June 2, a fee-plan will be established based on subscription format, such as per edition, monthly subscription or simultaneous multi-sheet subscription. It is planned to offer a variety of plans in an easy to use format for corporate accounts, such as allowing multiple people to subscribe simultaneously.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP aims to expand the number of specialty and industry publications on offer to about 50, while expanding the industrial areas covered, and to offer service plans that meet various needs. The new service will be offered to companies that have previously introduced tablet terminals on a package basis, and are using them in their normal operations.

DNP also plans to expand this service to national, regional, sports, and evening edition newspapers, aiming for sales of 400 million yen in the year beginning April 1, 2016.


*   Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.