DNP launches Film Medium for Microorganism Testing

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the September launch of sales of a film-type medium kit designed to improve the efficiency of microorganism testing operations executed as part of quality assurance operations at food and beverage manufacturers. The medium kit coats a sheet-form film with the necessary nutrient components for microorganism culture, and compared to existing mediums using petri dishes, is simpler to handle, and facilitates the implementation of testing tasks in a reliable and efficient manner.

On this occasion, DNP will launch sales of three types of film: an AC (Aerobic Count) grade film for measuring viable bacteria count, a CC (Coliform Count) grade film for measuring coliform group bacteria, and an EC (E. coli, coliform Count) grade film for measuring colitis germs and colitis germ legions.


At left: AC grade, in the center: CC grade, and at right: EC grade.

[Background to Sales Launch]

In order to maintaining food safety and security, microorganism tests at food manufacturers are becoming increasingly important, and the number and frequency of such tests is on the rise. Many microorganism tests are conducted with agar culture that tests germs cultivated in a petri-dish packed with nutrient components solidified in materials, such as agar. Agar culture, however, requires pre-processing, including the accurate measuring of powered nutrient elements and agar, sterilization following melting, and maintaining the solution at a fixed temperature until the agar solidifies. These pre-processing burdens increase in ratio to the number of tests and have become a challenge. It is also necessary to sterilize and dispose of petri-dishes following testing and this has fuelled demands for a testing technique that would lead to a reduction in overall testing operational burdens as well as reducing waste products.  

The film-type medium kit was developed by DNP in 2010 in answer to these needs, and it has now been decided to commence full scale marketing as the optimal way to increase microorganism testing operational efficiency and to reduce waste products.

[Product Overview and Features]

By taking a gelling agent that substitutes for agar along with nutritional elements, and using them to coat a sheet-form film, this precludes the need for pre-processing as seen in agar cultivation. And unlike agar cultivation, which requires a certain amount of dexterity and skill from operators, it is easy to handle and achieves reliable and efficient testing operations.

Simple and Easy to Handle, a Processed Media that can be Used Immediately

As the new product is a processed media with no need for pre-processing, it can be used immediately following its removal from the external aluminum packaging, and can therefore respond in a timely manner to emergency tests. And by dripping a diluted liquid sample of the foodstuffs to be tested in the center of the culture area, the liquid sample spreads across the entire culture area and forms gel merely by closing the film cover. As a result, it is possible to perform tasks in an efficient manner.

Colonies are Easy to See and Count

Each grade uses color developers, and this makes for high visibility of the colonies that are micro germ collections. And as it is easy to differentiate these colonies from food residue, it is also possible to carry out colony measurement in a speedy and accurate manner. The AC grade film is characterized by low bacillus based color bleeding.

Achieves Space Saving and Reduced Waste Volume

The new product's volume has been reduced to approximately 1/20th that of a petri-dish, and as a result, it is possible to save space necessary for inventories and culture, while also cutting post-task waste disposal volumes, also to about 1/20th. When dripping it is also possible to layer the products, which helps to achieve space savings in the work area.

[Reference Costs and Sales Targets]

AC grade film for measuring viable bacteria counts: 75 yen per sheet

* Prices do not include tax

DNP will market this product to food, beverage and confectionary manufacturers, aiming for total sales of 500 million yen over the next 3-years. The Company also plans to develop and launch a SA (Staphylococcus Aureus) grade film within the present fiscal year.

[Projects in Development]

In addition to a dedicated scanner used for the automatic counting of colony counts in real-time, DNP is also developing a system designed to make it possible to store images and measurement results, in order to further reduce colony measurement operational burdens.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.