Principal Themes:Fair Operating Practices

DNP Group Anti-Bribery Policy

For the purpose of promoting the anti-bribery framework, DNP Group has established this DNP-Group Anti-Bribery Policy, in accordance with DNP Group Code of Conduct.

  1. Prohibition of Bribery
    DNP Group requires all employees of DNP Group to observe the following rules:
    1. (1)Employees shall not directly or indirectly commit any bribery or perform any conduct which may lead to suspicion of bribery, in relation to their duties;
    2. (2)Employees shall take notice that each country/region has its own specific laws and regulations (such as prohibiting to offer a bribe not only to government officials, but also to private organizations), and shall comply with any and all applicable anti-bribery laws and regulations when performing their duties;
    3. (3)Employees shall not make any facilitation payments to any government officials and to any other persons/entities to expedite or secure performance of governmental actions, regardless of the amount of such payment, under any circumstances; and
    4. (4)Employees shall take notice that bribery committed by agents may be deemed as bribery committed by DNP Group; therefore employees shall not direct agents to commit bribery or give implicit approval although they are aware of the facts or evidence of bribery committed by agents.
  2. Anti-bribery framework in DNP Group
    DNP Group shall establish internal anti-bribery regulations and promote the following anti-bribery framework:
    1. (1)DNP Group shall, taking into consideration the special characteristic or risk of each country/region, establish appropriate anti-bribery management system in each group company and regularly perform monitoring, inspection and assessment on whether such anti-bribery management system has been properly operated;
    2. (2)DNP Group shall regularly evaluate bribery risk in DNP Group, and revise the anti-bribery management system;
    3. (3)DNP Group shall provide training sessions relating to anti-bribery for employees, and disseminate the anti-bribery management system to employees;
    4. (4)DNP Group shall accurately record all of the transactions in its accounting books, and keep the relevant documentations; and
    5. (5)DNP Group shall establish the consulting/reporting channels in order to detect any acts of bribery in a timely manner.

Established: March 2018