Human Rights and Labor

DNP recognizes that “respect for human rights” is a responsibility that a company must fulfill as a member of society and is therefore strengthening initiatives in this area through dialogue with a variety of stakeholders that include shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers, local communities and employees. Moreover, DNP respects and encourages the mutual acceptance of differences among individuals, and by leveraging their diversity, connects people and society and provides new value (promotion of diversity). For facilitating the lasting growth of the DNP Group and the creation of a safe, healthy and vibrant workplace, we also strive to maintain and improve the safety and healthiness of workplace environments and to maintain and promote the physical and mental health of employees and their families (promotion of occupational safety and health).

Medium-to Long-term Vision

We place human dignity first and foremost and respect diversity unique to all persons that includes their culture, nationality, race, ethnicity, language, religion, values, gender, age, gender identity, and sexual orientation or whether they have disabilities. We accordingly respect working styles suited to the diversity of our employees and make efforts to create a safe, healthy and vibrant working environment based on the assumption of acting with discipline.

SDGs Covered by the Vision

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Performance Indicators to Monitor the Progress in Achieving the Vision and Activity Results

Performance Indicators Targets Results
  • (1)Ratio of women managers
  • (2)Number of women in managerial positions and leadership positions
  • (3)Ratio of employees with disabilities
  • (4)Rate of annual paid leave taken
  • (5)Frequency rate of lost workday injuries
  • (1)Achieve ratio of women managers (section manager or above) of 7% or more by the end of March 2022.
  • (2)Double the number of women in managerial positions and leadership positions by the end of March 2022 compared with the number (430) in February 2016.
  • (3)Achieve the ratio not lower than 2.0%.
  • (4)Achieve an increase over the previous fiscal year.
  • (5)Keep the rate not more than 0.2.
For most-recent fiscal year results

Initiatives for Human Rights

Policies and Structure

Recently, there has been rapidly growing attention to the impact of business on human rights. In 2020, DNP formulated The DNP Group Human Rights Policy based on the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In line with this, each department at the head office, including the Personnel and Labor Department, Diversity Promotion Department, Sustainability Promotion Department, Purchasing Department and Legal and Compliance Department, is working together to promote initiatives for human rights.

Education and Permeation

DNP believes that every employee who supports our business activities needs to understand the importance of respecting human rights and reflect this in their daily activities. For this reason, in keeping with the DNP Group Human Rights Policy, we at DNP implement a wide variety of training programs, including training on diversity and various types of harassment for all Group employees as well as specialized education for staff involved in procurement operations. Particularly noteworthy, our training on “business and human rights” does not stop at just gaining knowledge about the meaning of human rights and the historical background in which these rights arose and trends in the international community regarding human rights. This training also has a practical content that provides all Group employees with opportunities to reflect back on their own work from the standpoint of respecting human rights by studying a variety of actual cases that occurred in Japan and overseas. DNP also continuously provides education to its suppliers through a wide range of opportunities such as various surveys, interviews and briefings based on the DNP Group CSR Procurement Guidelines.

Relief System

Including building a grievance mechanism, DNP is making group-wide efforts globally to establish an environment where employees and suppliers can more easily report and consult on compliance-related issues and the Company is able to understand and identify any infringements on rights.DNP protects the confidentiality of reported information as well as the anonymity of the whistleblower and operates the system in a manner that ensures the whistleblower does not suffer any disadvantages.

Human Rights Due Diligence

From 2014 to 2016, we carried out interview surveys with all business units in addition to implementing written surveys at all 22 overseas consolidated Group companies. Through these surveys, we worked to ascertain risks from a wide range of perspectives, including the countries and communities where we operate, suppliers and outsourcing contractors, raw materials countries of origin, consumers and customers and employees. DNP recognizes there is no significant risk associated with human rights within the scope of this information obtained from these investigations. In 2017, to formulate a human rights policy and implement detailed risk assessment, we promoted considerations, which also incorporated the opinions of experts, on how to proceed with these initiatives.
As part of due diligence on human rights based on the DNP Group Human Rights Policy, in 2020 risk assessment utilizing the Human Rights Compliance Assessment (HRCA) Quick Check of the Danish Institute for Human Rights was implemented at nine overseas consolidated Group companies with manufacturing departments.The results confirmed no significant risks at any of the nine companies.In the future, we will further ascertain risks by undertaking local surveys and taking other measures.

Initiatives in the Supply Chain

DNP is promoting a variety of initiatives to undertake responsible procurement that respects human rights throughout the supply chain. These efforts include the establishment of an array of guidelines, the implementation of fact-finding survey questionnaires to raise the effectiveness of the guidelines, and the interviews and education based on these questionnaires.

In FY 2020 we conducted interviews with 18 suppliers based on their survey results in the previous year, and provided guidance targeting concrete improvements. The scope of the survey was also expanded from Japan to overseas, and global supplier surveys implemented.

Initiatives for Human Resources

Structure to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

DNP has been promoting diversity since around 2000 in seeking to foster a corporate culture that allows women and other diverse human resources to play active roles. In 2016, as an effort to augment our activities in this area, we established the Diversity Promotion Department within the Employee Relations Department in the head office and the Diversity Promotion Committee in each business unit and Group company. To drive our efforts further, we converted the Diversity Promotion Department into an independent, dedicated organization in June 2018 and extended our focus from women to other groups, including non-Japanese employees, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and senior employees age of 60 or older.

Basic Policies on Diversity Promotion

We will create new value by respecting each person’s differences and leveraging their diversity. We will strive to promote diversity measures in accordance with the following three basic policies.

Basic Policies on Diversity Promotion

・Developing diverse human resources (career development)

・Fostering a corporate culture to encourage the active participation of diverse human resources (management and awareness reforms)

・Realizing diverse work styles (work style reform)

Fostering a corporate culture to support the active participation of diverse human resources

Initiatives and Systems to Support Active Roles of Diverse Human Resources

We are promoting initiatives for supporting active roles of diverse human resources for increasing our capabilities to resolve social issues and create new value that meets people’s expectations.

Structure to Promote Human Resources Development and Training

DNP established the Recruiting & Training Department as the organization that promotes the optimal securing of human resources and the development of active human resources essential for realizing and implementing the Corporate Philosophy and the Business Vision based on this philosophy, while ascertaining changes in the economic and social environments. We are also building and developing even better environments, frameworks, and organizations to ensure each employee can execute his or her role to the fullest and achieve personal growth and self-fulfillment as independent individuals and to nurture an emergent corporate culture as the basis for this.

Initiatives and Systems for Human Resources Development and Training

DNP believes it is important to realize its Business Vision of contributing to society and to create corporate culture that enables employees to simultaneously achieve personal growth and self-fulfillment. DNP is deploying a variety of measures to create free-spirited and open workplaces that respect individual values, enable people to raise their own abilities, encourage utmost efforts, and that can promote mutual cooperation for deepening dialogue. DNP is focusing especially on enhancing personnel systems that support independently minded employees and training systems that support self-fulfillment.

Structure to Promote Occupational Safety and Health

In 2019, DNP formulated the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter to truly foster a workplace culture of “safety takes precedence over everything else” and engaged in All-DNP activities involving all employees. In promoting safety and health activities, the DNP Group Safety and Health Liaison Council oversees and leads relevant activities of the entire Group, while the responsible committee of each business unit and Group company and the Safety and Health Committee of each workplace create specific action plans. In this way, DNP's management and employees are making concerted efforts to increase the level of safety and health throughout the Group.

Promoting Occupational Safety and Health Initiatives

DNP is promoting safety and health activities by formulating the Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents and the Basic Plan for Health Maintenance and Promotion every three years. These medium-term plans reflect social trends and Japan’s industrial safety and health initiatives as well as our past activity results and issues facing DNP.

Labor-Management Relations

Based on “mutual understanding and mutual trust” between labor and management, the DNP Group has established systems (Joint Management Council, Labor-Management Expert Committee, etc.) for undertaking labor-management discussions and exchanging opinions on a variety of issues to realize the stable and sustainable development of management as well as the spiritually enriched lives of employees. Also, the DNP Group holds a wide range of labor-management discussions on work styles, workplace environments, overall personnel systems, safety and health, and more. This fulfilling labor-management relationship is also one of the strengths of the DNP Group and we will further advance this relationship toward demonstrating the comprehensive strengths of “All DNP.”

Joint Labor-Management Declaration

In October 2006, DNP announced its Joint Labor-Management Declaration to share with all employees “the shape of labor-management relations to aim for” and “the starting point of labor-management relations.” “Labor-management collaboration” advocated in the Joint Labor-Management Declaration means that all employees, including those besides company and union members, have a shared recognition of the “direction we aim for" through Taiwa (dialogue) and fulfill their respective roles toward the direction.

Joint Labor-Management Declaration


We mutually confirm the importance of“labor-management cooperation”to the goal of the perpetual development of the DNP Group and society, and to enhance the role we are bound to fulfill in society as a truly superior company, and we hereby issue the following declaration:

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To contribute to 21st Century society through cooperation

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To seek perpetual development and wealth

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To create a corporate culture based on TAIWA