Principal Themes:Human Rights and Labor

Occupational Safety and Health

For facilitating the lasting growth of the DNP Group and the creation of a safe, healthy and vibrant workplace, DNP strives to maintain and improve the safety and healthiness of workplace environments and to maintain and promote the physical and mental health of employees and their families.

Initiatives for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents

The Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents

Under the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter, the DNP Group promotes safety and health activities as All-DNP activities involving all employees. The DNP Group Safety and Health Management Regulations prescribe the organizational structure, its operational method, and promotion items that serve as the basis of safety and health. Within these, for the prevention of industrial accidents, based on an industrial accident prevention plan by the national government and trends in internal industrial accidents, every three years the DNP Group Occupational Accident Prevention Basic Plan is established and reviewed and specific activities are undertaken.

Currently, we are promoting activities based on the Fourth Industrial Accident Prevention Basic Plan that prescribes the items focused on during the three years from FY2018 through FY2020. Using such indicators as accident frequency rates and work environment measurement results, we are promoting four priority measures consisting of (1) creating workplaces without industrial accidents, (2) promoting health assurance measures, (3) strengthening fire and disaster prevention measures, and (4) promoting effective safety and health activities unique to DNP.

Initiatives for Maintaining and Improving Health

The Basic Plan for Health Maintenance and Promotion

Under the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter, the DNP Group promotes activities in accordance with the DNP Group Health Promotion Guidelines, which were established as guidelines for promoting the health of Group employees and their families. More specifically, we have formulated the DNP Group Basic Plan for Health Maintenance and Promotion, a three-year plan, and are carrying out activities at all business sites based on the goals of the plan.

Under the Fourth Basic Plan for Health Maintenance and Promotion, which is a medium-term plan running from FY2018 through FY2020, we are working toward improvement by using the rate of regular medical checkups and the rate of abnormal results, overall health risk from stress checks, and work engagement values as indicators. We will vitalize the entire organization through education and events that encourage each and every employee to make a habit of actions that maintain and improve their health while working to enhance the support system for employees at risk of sickness. We are also working toward “Kenko Ikiiki shokuba zukuri (Healthy and Active Workplace Promotion)” by selecting model workplaces from the perspective of improving work engagement and sharing good practices.

Examples of Specific Initiatives

Operation of Health Management System

We have built a "health examination management system" on the company intranet, making it possible to access one’s own health examination results, including past results, via a personal computer.


We have clinics at 16 locations across Japan that also provide medical treatment to dependents (aged 16 or over) in addition to the insured.

Smoking Policy

Smoking policy conducted based on the Group Guideline at each worksite for the purpose of preventing non-smokers from being subjected to secondhand smoke.

Various Health Consultations

A consultation system set up for employees and their families to provide advice from medical specialists about concerns and worries related to disease or medical therapy. It also provides support for health maintenance through Nutrition Consultation and Exercise Consultation.

Mental Health

To maintain and improve mental health, we are making efforts to enhance education and expand in-house consultation counters. We provide education through such means as guidebooks, lectures, network learning, and original videos, while clinics in Ichigaya (Tokyo) and Namba (Osaka) also provide medical treatment by medical specialists.