Sustainability Message

Satoru Inoue, Sustainability Committee Chairman, Managing Director

Satoru Inoue, Sustainability Committee Chairman, Managing Director

For Sustainable Corporate and Social Growth – Gaining Trust from Society

A company undertakes business activities while relying on society for human, energy and natural resources and can only exist when society is sustainable. In order for both a company and society to achieve sustainable growth, it is crucial to build a good relationship of trust between the two. Aiming to maintain the trust of all of its stakeholders, DNP has specified three responsibilities, namely Value Creation, Integrity in Conduct and Transparency (Accountability) and has been promoting corporate activities designed to fulfill these responsibilities. In yielding maximum results from these activities, we are also enhancing corporate governance and strengthening corporate management.

Reinforcing Corporate Management to Increase Corporate Value

In the area of corporate management that relates to sustainability, we clearly define Principal Themes on which to focus. We have held repeated discussions both in terms of important and priority themes of DNP, such as management strategies and business fields, and priority themes emphasized by the international community, mainly based on the UN Global Compact (The Ten Principles) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and have consequently selected eight Principal Themes. These are: Business to Contribute to SDGs Achievement; Fair Operating Practices; Human Rights and Labor; Environment; Responsible Procurement; Product Safety and Quality; Information Security; and Corporate Citizenship. For each theme, we have defined a medium- to long-term vision along with performance indicators and have been rotating the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle. While doing so, we have been checking for any inconsistency between our activities and the direction of society on a periodic basis through dialogue with our stakeholders, including experts and institutional investors, and using the results of such dialogue to improve corporate management.

Seeking to Resolve Social Issues through Corporate Activities

Today’s society faces many issues, such as climate change and increasing disparity, which may have a significant impact on the very survival of human beings, even the Earth itself. Against this backdrop, the SDGs and Paris Agreement have been adopted as an international framework to counter these challenges.

A stronger engagement is called for among companies to resolve these issues through creativity and innovation. Under our founding commitment to contribute to the development of society, DNP will help resolve social issues both by reducing the potential negative impact on society, which we may cause in promoting our corporate activities, and by providing new value to society.

While proactively paying attention to issues facing society, DNP will work toward the realization of a sustainable society, in which corporate growth and the resolution of social issues will go hand in hand.

Satoru Inoue
Sustainability Committee Chairman
Managing Director