DNP Adds New Function to Service Visualizing Area Features with Open Data

Performs area market research and displays distribution of consumers with high purchasing motivation

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the additionsof new functions to the Company's existing service that uses open data fromsources such as the Family Income and Expenditure survey from the Ministry ofInternal Affairs and Communications, and the census survey to visualize areacharacteristics. The new functions will be launched on September 30, offeringan Area Market Research Report that is useful in planning outlets, and an OriginalProduct Indicator Report that displays on the surface of a map, the distributionof consumers with high purchasing motivation for surveyed products. A softwarepackage bundle for the service will also be available from September 30.

[The Service]

In addition to color-coded displays on maps of the distribution of 60 clusterattribute categories, including age, gender, residence status and family composition,the service also facilitates the extraction from each cluster on a zip codebasis. The service allows for the extraction of area based characteristics bycombining a household consumption database (DB), uniquely created by DNP basedon purchasing data for approximately 600 product and service items, with clusteranalysis. As a result, it becomes possible to select distribution areas fornewspaper-based flyers and DM in a more effective manner than at present. Andby receiving zip code data for customers who responded in the form of storevisits, purchases or service usage, it is also possible to survey and analyzewhich cluster the customer belongs to, and in which area that cluster is located.

Market Area Setting Report

This report displays resident attributes, or cluster analysis status, foran area 5 km in radius, and can be freely set for areas with a radius of just50m. The report also collates data from target areas on a cluster basis, anddisplays numeric values for items such as household numbers, population by age,and family composition.

Segment Report

This report selects the area, or marketing area, and target, based on ageor income etc., and visualizes areas containing potential targets.

[Version Updates]

Market Area Survey Report

For a survey target market area, this report surveys age-based populationdistribution, the positional status of competitor outlets and response results,and presents analysis results that reflect the status of that specific marketingarea. This data can be used in market area surveys of existing stores and inplanning store roll-outs.

Original Product Indicator Reports

This report surveys and sets clusters with high purchasing motivation forproducts that are the targets of promotional appeal, and displays the clusterdistribution status.

  1. Internet based surveys are conducted, and takes reply contents and withzip codes for people who replied that they had already purchased and areusing the said-products or similar products, or are considering doing so,and plots them on a map. This report also clarifies which cluster the plottedareas correspond to, and following matching with the reply contents, extractsthe cluster with the highest affinity to the products being promoted.
* Survey contents will be decided based on separate consultations with eachcompany.
  1. Responsive customer zip code data is received from companies, and plottedon a map. The report also clarifies which cluster the plotted areas correspondto, and by combining this with related items, such as household consumptiondata (estimates of annual consumption values per household), extracts thecluster with the highest affinity to the products under appeal.

[Software Package]

The DNP service uses a Geographical Information System (GIS) for area marketingdeveloped by Giken Shoji International Co., Ltd. Companies adopting the GIScan make use of the DNP service functions to freely analyze area-specific consumptionbehavior and market areas.   

[Pre-tax Costs]


Reports: From 200,000 yen per area (Prices may change depending on the contentsof the report)

Software Package

Sales price: 5,000,000 yen, Initial installation fees: 100,000 yen, Annualmaintenance fees: 450,000 yen

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will offer the newly developed services to companies actively engagedin area promotion along with the software package, and along with related productionsaims for sales of 2.0 billion yen per year.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this newsrelease are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at anytime without notice.