Secure Network Connection using DNP Multi-Peer VPN and
AXIS Network Camera

Signaling and NAT traversal technologies used to establish a session enable Internet VPN connection between devices without static IPs.

Server load can be reduced and communication bandwidth can be conserved using P2P communication after establishing a session. Also, all users and devices, including user connection setup and configuration status, can be managed unitarily by Management Server (for example, unitary configuration update and remote maintenance).

* A management server can manage up to 20,000 devices. The number of managed devices can be increased using duplication and high-spec servers.
* DNP Multi-Peer VPN is software compatible with ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform). Please contact us about compatible models.

Connection Diagram

Provides High-Resolution Detailed Images Suitable for Criminal Investigation

AXIS Network Camera

AXIS’ WDR-Forensic Capture optimizes video for forensic purposes by enabling an extremely high level of detail to be visible in both dark and bright areas of a scene. An AXIS camera with WDR–Forensic Capture applies advanced algorithms to optimize image quality and includes the ability to seamlessly transition between WDR and Lightfinder mode.

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