DNP Multi-Peer VPN can be used for various purposes by embedding SDK with VPN feature into apps and programs.

Network Camera

If SDK is embedded into the control program for network cameras, multiple cameras' image data can be browsed securely without special VPN devices and transmitted to image storage servers, smartphones, and PCs over VPN connection as required.

IoT Gateway

Data gathered from surrounding censors, etc. can be aggregated through IoT gateway and transmitted over Internet VPN. Without using expensive connection such as mobile VPN, DNP Multi-Peer VPN enables safe and secure IoT communication over affordable Internet connection. It can network between each M2M/IoT device and data collection servers.
Using full mesh P2Pfeatures, it enables data coordination (for maintenance, etc.) with smartphones and tablets.

Smartphone Apps

Internet VPN communication can be established simply by launching apps. It increases ease of use. Unauthorized access is prevented by permitting connection to pre-registered devices only, through original device authentication and digital certificate verification.

* In cases of Android and iOS, usually only one VPN connection can be established at a time, but DNP Multi-Peer VPN can establish multiple VPN communications simultaneously.

Packaged Business Software

By embedding SDK into packaged business software, managed solutions, such as remote access that combines device authentication and VPN communication, can easily be commercialized.

Remote Desktop

Due to its simultaneous multi-peer VPN communication abilities, DNP Multi-Peer VPN can be used not only for distance learning at universities and cram schools, but also for working from home and project management in companies.
Without the users realizing, their devices connect to management servers, and they can use VPN communication automatically after being verified as valid users.
It is not necessary to disconnect VPN every time services and websites that do not require VPN are accessed. Following this, there is no need to set up every time using VPN, either.

Example of Use
Working from home securely connecting with company PC through remote desktop, in parallel with using mobile PC. However, simultaneous access is not permitted to prevent fraud.

Cloud Service

VPN service can easily be provided by building management servers on the cloud.

P2P Voice Call Service

DNP Multi-Peer VPN establishes a secure environment for voice calls that use smartphone apps, etc. P2P VPN communication reduces the risk of confidential information leakages.

1. Mr. A asks the management server about the location of the other party, Mr. B.
2. Management server confirms the location of Mr. B and notifies Mr. A of his location.
3. Mr. A calls Mr. B on a softphone app, commencing P2P VPN voice call.

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