Decoration Film

DNP Develops New Decorative Film with Texture Effect Compatible with Injection Molding Process Provides expressions with real tactile sensations for use in automobile interiors

DNP Interior decoration film

We can offer the best decoration method/film to meet your demand for design/cost/physical properties.

Market Problems

  • ・Want to reflect the latest design trend into the interior.
  • ・Want to use decoration other than painting.
  • ・Want to know the best decoration method.

DNP can offer a solution.

■DNP offers virtually unlimited designs from real wood like, metallic like film to paint like film, and from high gloss finish to matte finish film. Even we can offer haptic film.

■DNP offers films with excellent weatherability and scratch resistance.

Haptic film

Introducing new film with haptic effect which can be used for simultaneous decoration methods.

Traditional textured film looses its haptic effect after injection molding due to heat and pressure during the process. Our newly developed film has a peel ply layer which can absorb heat and pressure and can keep its haptic effect after injection molding process.

Design sample

New developed haptic film

Simultaneous decoration process

Mold opening

Process for our new developed haptic film which can maintain its texture after injection molding process

Film construction

Film construction

Weatherability・Scratch resistance film

Film construction

DNP core technology = EB technology

EB stands for Electron Beam, and it can form strong top coat over the design and has excellent scratch resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability while having good formability.

Image for EB resin curing

DNP Backlit Decoration Film

DNP offers a Backlit Decoration Film that can be used for decorating interior and exterior parts.
This film shows different colors and patterns when illuminated from the backside.

Market Problems

  • ・Want to have state of the art design.
  • ・Want to have different aspects at night.
  • ・Want to improve exterior design.

DNP can offer a solution.

■DNP gives the automotive interior new values by offering a wide range of designs.

■Providing good radio wave transmission with plating like appearance which real plating does not (for exterior).

Decoration parts

Light OFF

Light ON

DNP Dead Front Panel

This state of the art decoration film provides excellent seamless design properties and
can show displays and interfaces only when necessary.

Market Problems

Want to have more displays and interfaces but afraid that will hinder the design quality.

DNP can offer a solution.

DNP offers a decoration panel which shows displays or switches only when required. You can choose colors/patterns as you like.

  • ・3D forming film technology
  • ・Optical design technology

Decoration panel with On-demand display/switch


Display OFF



Display ON

Display shows up

Even the white color is visible
through the panel

Normal backlit film

White color will be altered by woodgrain.
(cannot show the correct colors)