DNP Group Code of Conduct: Environment

As a company that provides products and services to solve the problems of businesses, consumers, and society,DNP views coexisting with the Earth's environment as an important management task. Our mission is to coexist with nature and pass on the Earth to the next generation without wasting its limited resources. We implement specific measures in Japan and overseas in line with our basic environmental policies - "preserve the Earth's environment,"and "use resources effectively." DNP reduces the negative effects of its business activities on the environment to the absolute minimum. In addition to using resources effectively, we are working harder than ever on the development of eco-friendly products.

Environmental Management

We established an independent environmental management system (EMS) in 1993. Using Eco-Reports and Site Eco-Reports, we operate a half yearly "Plan-Do-Check-Action" cycle.
We also strive to improve the efficacy of our EMS. To that end, we began performing "Eco-Audits" in 1996 to strengthen the foundation of the group's environmental management initiatives.

Outline of the DNP Group Environmental Management System

Important theme of the environmental activity

Achieving a Low-Carbon Society

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions, a leading cause of global warming, is a global imperative. At the DNP Group, we have a range of initiatives in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all areas of our operations, including planning, development, design, purchasing, production, and distribution.

For Reduction of Environmental Pollutants

As a manufacturer we are constantly thinking about how to coexist with the global environment. We avoid polluting the global environment, and work hard for environmental conservation and environmental pollutant reduction, so as to pass on a beautiful planet to the generations that follow.

Building a Recycling Society

To help build recycling into society we are engaged in efforts to improve resource productivity and increase the recycling of undesired material. These efforts are premised on the waste-free use of raw materials that go into manufacturing processes. Undesired material is recycled as much as possible to utilize limited resources efficiently.

Realizing a Society in Symbiosis with Nature

At DNP, our Biodiversity Declaration, adopted in 2010, sets a path for the group's efforts to protect biodiversity. As part of our business activities, we pursue a number of specific initiatives based on two key categories in which we can have the most effect on ecosystems: improvement of material procurement practices and the creation of green spaces at our business sites.