DNP and IWI to Sell Traps Software in Japan

Protects network from targeted cyber-attacks

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the signing of a sales agency agreement with Santa Clara, CA based Palo Alto Networks, and the May 19 launch in Japan of sales of Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection (Traps), a targeted attack countermeasure software.

At the same time, Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI), a DNP Group subsidiary, will also market Traps, and commence technical support for companies adopting the software.


Cyber-attacks have recently become more sophisticated. In particular, there have been frequent occurrences of targeted attacks, infiltrating company networks with malware that leverages organizational and employee names, along with references to company unique events and other information familiar only to those in the targeted company. Activating this malware can lead to the theft of mission critical corporate data. And while working in collaboration with an external server, the initial malware may also download additional malware onto the company network, steadily infiltrating the company and illegally acquiring more sensitive corporate data. Looking ahead, it is anticipated that more cases of malfunctions and forced crashes of critical infrastructure as a result of targeted attacks will occur. As a result, measures are urgently needed by all business categories and industries, beginning with public offices, infrastructure linked companies such as electric power and gas utilities, financial institutions, broadcasters, and defense-related companies.      

The bulk of targeted attacks prey on the vulnerabilities of generally available software, such as Microsoft Word and PDF, and infiltrate files with malicious codes, referred to as "Exploits." Apart from partially rewriting existing malware, numerous cases exist of Exploits infiltrating standard files. Such cases are difficult to detect with currently available anti-computer virus software, or firewalls designed to prevent unauthorized infiltration of company networks from outside the organization. DNP and IWI will market Traps domestically as a targeted attack countermeasure, and will commence a technological support service.


Traps prevents both malware and Exploits that cannot be prevented with other endpoint security products.

The malware used in targeted attacks, utilizes a number of specified multiple program techniques. But, with Traps installed on a computer, real traps are set for such techniques, and are sprung when the attack program is activated, and malicious movements forcefully terminated.

There is virtually no burden on the CPU while Traps is activated, and as there is little need to frequently update Traps, it is also suitable for professional-use equipment, such as retail outlet-based POS applications and pattern files with heavy update task burdens, along with ATM, multi-function machines and arcade game equipment.  

[Looking Ahead]

IWI has adopted Traps on an in-house basis in April, 2015, aiming to accumulate the necessary technology and know-how for use in support situations, and will launch a technology support service.

DNP and IWI aim for sales of 2.0 billion yen by FY 2017, by offering Traps and related cyber-security products.


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.