DNP Expands Functionality of Loyalty Points-Based Service

Rental set combines handy-type 3G circuit dedicated terminal and member's card

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) is pleased to announce the expansion of packaged-ASP service functions for the Company's service-point member  management system that can also be adopted in a low-cost and timely fashion.

In addition to adding mail magazine distribution functions, DNP will also offer a packaged set combining rental service for a 3G circuit connected handy-type NFC-compatible dedicated terminal1 with a contactless smart member card2.

1: The TM-P1000SNB manufactured by Finefit Design Co.,Ltd. Rental service provided by ORIX Rentec Corporation.
2: Card mounted with FeliCa® Lite-S from Sony Corporation. (Other cards require modification of the application on the terminal side.  

[Service Backdrop and Overview] 

While an increasing number of companies from a variety of industries and areas are looking to introduce new service-point systems for lower cost and shorten the time to adoption. In addition to these needs, we are also seeing more companies that have already introduced the system wanting to integrate and operate services from EC sites and brick-and-mortar stores, or reduce service points operating costs.

In answer to such needs, in July 2013 DNP launched an ASP service that packaged together the basic general-purpose functions of existing service points services in a low-cost format that could be adopted in a timely fashion. In this latest development, in addition to expanding server side functions, such as member management and mail magazine distribution, DNP will also offer a set combining NFC and a magnetic compatible dedicated service points terminal3 with a built-in printer4, and a contactless smart card that can be used as a member card. The dedicated service-points terminal mounted with a dedicated application is offered on a rental basis and is capable of real time communication based on 3G circuits that require no LAN installment works. As a result of this new service it is now possible to introduce service points system with a lead time as short as just one month, though this excludes time for POS modifications and card production).  

3: The aforementioned service-points terminal is compatible only with Japanese 3G communications specifications
4: In instances of using barcode compatible cards, a designated barcode reader is necessary

Member and Loyalty Points Management Function

By accessing the DNP server from servers for POS, service points dedicated terminals and EC sites, it is possible to perform real time processing, including granting, exchanging, and status updates for points. It is also possible to perform tasks such as setting up special points, the en bloc registration, search and alteration of member data, along with the display of detailed data, points history, member information change references on the surface of the management web screen.

Mail Magazine Distribution Function  

Via the payment of the following monthly usage fee, up to 1million mail magazines per month can be distributed.

(Mail contents is compatible only with text-format).

[Costs (exclusive of taxes)]

Packaged ASP Service Costs

Start-up costs

1 million yen

Monthly usage costs


100,000 yen


Pay-as-you go system based on loyalty point card member numbers

2yen (per member)

Application license fees for loyalty points dedicated terminal

1,500 yen per month/per unit (only in cases of using the loyalty points dedicated terminal)

Loyalty point card member numbers shall include temporary registrations or those who cease to be members.
A full support version can be offered in cases where it is necessary to customize the application

Contactless Card Costs (FeliCa® Lite-S)

From 100 yen per card (Price to change depending on lot numbers and design).

Rental Fee for TM-P1000SNB. (Provided by ORIX Rentec Corporation).

Rental period

Standard price (per unit/per monthly basis)

24 months

3,100 yen

48 months

1,760 yen

3G circuits, (800 yen per unit/per month), start-up costs (kitting and shipping costs), and consumables (printer roll paper) shall be separately charged.

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP will propose this service mainly to distributors and retailers, aiming for sales of 200 million yen in the year ending March 31, 2015. Looking ahead, we will also increase the convenience of member website AP functions, and data analysis related functions tasks on a sequential basis.


ORIX Rentec Corporation
Head Office: Yokohama
CEO: Masayuki Okamoto
* The terminal is compatible only with Japanese 3G specifications.
* All other company names and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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