DNP Develops Online Proofing Support System Using 4K Tablet Terminal

Achieves digital data-based proofing

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a system to facilitate online proofreading of printed materials, using TOUGHPAD 4K1, a 4K2 tablet terminal from Panasonic Corporation.

1: TOUGHPAD 4K: Model number, UT-MB5·UT-MA6.
2: 4K: High-definition screen with four times the resolution of full high-vision.

[Developmental Background]

Proofreading refers to the process of the ordering party confirming the text and headlines, along with the color of the images and page layout against output, such as printing data or trial proofs prepared by printing companies and/or design companies, and making alterations or corrections as needed. In instances where a large number of products exist, such as with catalogues, multiple managers at the ordering party may perform proofing on repeated occasions, as well as updating product photos or text information and as a result there is a need for rigorous management. With periodicals, such as weekly magazines, there is also the need for all related parties to share the progress status of proofing tasks to match issue date.

DNP takes printing data produced with Desktop Publishing software that reduces the proofing task burden, and now offers a system facilitating computer-based proofing via the worldwide web. However, as computer displays have a lower resolution than printed materials, it has so far been necessary to expand fine text and illustrations in order to confirm the contents. And as it has not been possible to reproduce color equivalent to that of printed materials on displays, there has been the necessity of confirming color separately via a paper-based test proof.

Now, by using a 4K tablet terminal that boasts the same level of resolution as printed materials in the existing DNP online proofreading support system, it has been made possible to perform carefree proofing tasks for fine text, illustrations and color with printing data.

[System Summary]

The Panasonic-made TOUGHPAD 4K used on this occasion comes with a high-definition display capable of displaying A3 sizes in almost the same dimensions, making it easy to see fine text and illustrations, as well as perform proofing tasks with ease. As the newly developed system also conforms to DNP's unique color management system, it is possible to reproduce color equivalent to that of printed material, and proof the color tine of printed materials on the screen.

The DNP online proofreading support system facilitates the real time confirmation of the progress status of each page of DTP data. It is possible to use the new system as long as an internet connect environment exists. The printed materials production manager can divide the proofing tasks among multiple parties, such as product development managers, editors, and designers, and manage progress status as well as the latest printing data. And as this leads to a reduction in management operations, the manager can concentrate on his or her original duties. Apart from being able to increase the efficiency of the proofing task and shortening lead times, it is also possible to make pre-and post- proofing comparisons on the screen, which as a result, also leads to reduced correction omissions.

[Looking Ahead]

A cloud-based system service will be offered from August. Looking ahead, in addition to enhancing system functions, DNP will also establish a full digital workflow for the entire printing process, from the photographing of products, through the preparation of text and designs to printing, binding and delivery, and will support multimedia enterprises at companies, such as the simultaneous production of printing and digital media data. The Company aims for total sales from this service of 500 million yen by fiscal year 2017.

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