DNP Launches Refill Pouch with Spout That Uses High-Function Plant-Derived Film

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a refill pouch with a spout that uses film from the original DNP high-function film series manufactured with plant-derived raw materials. The newly developed product was launched in October 2014 as packaging materials for cosmetics and toiletries.

By adding a new product made with plant-derived raw materials to a series that includes the refill pouch with a spout, DNP takes another bold step towards the future and the evolution of even more environmentally-friendly products.

[New Product Features]

DNP actively develops a variety of packaging materials that take into consideration the environmental burden, sustainability and biodiversity. As part of those efforts, in 1999 the Company developed a refill pouch as packaging materials for cosmetics and toiletries that achieved significant reductions in the volume of resin used, and followed up in 2012 by developing a pouch that was increasingly easy to pour from via the addition of a nozzle.

The newly developed refill pouch with a spout is manufactured via a laminating process. The inner most layer that comes into contact with the contents uses original DNP film created from plant-derived raw materials. In addition, the use of polyethylene (PE) film has been reduced by 38% compared to existing DNP products. It has also been made possible to maintain packaging material functions, such as strength and adhesive qualities at similar levels to those in existing DNP products that based on petro-derived film.

The barrier layer that prevents the passage of oxygen and water vapor uses polyethylene terephthalate (PET) manufactured with plant-derived raw materials, and also exhibits superior barrier features and light blocking effects. Plant-derived raw materials that sacrifice none of the stable spout functions have also been used as auxiliary parts in the spout portion.

Manufacturers adopting the refill pouch with a spout created from plant-derived raw materials will be able to make promotional appeals to consumers regarding their eco-friendly stance as a company.

[Environmental Effects of the New Product]

In addition to switching the film and materials used in the spout portion from petro-derived products to plant-derived raw materials, in the form of blackstrap molasses of sugar cane, the newly developed product has aimed to thin out the film used in the inner most portion.

As a result, take, for example, the case of a three layer pouch product composed from the external wall of the container of nylon (ON), aluminum vapor deposition film using plant-derived raw materials, and plant-derived PE. By quantitatively evaluating the environmental burden reduction effect via a Life Cycle Assessment, it has been possible to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 26% compared to currently available DNP products that use petro-derived raw materials. The share of biomass raw materials is 36%.

[Major Product Lineup]

Specification examples:

(External wall) ON/ aluminum vapor deposition PET/PE.

(External wall) Transparent barrier PET/ON/PE.

(External wall) PET/aluminum/ON/PE.

· Aluminum vapor deposition PET, transparent deposition PET and PE all use plant-derived products.
· Specifications will be designed to match contents and filling machine properties

Size: 180ml, 350ml

· Please contact DNP for information on other containers.

[Future Developments]

As far as possible, the Company plans to switch packaging materials offered to the manufacturers of foods, beverages and daily necessities to original DNP high-function film. Overseas makers have also shown a strong interest in this series, and as a result, the newly developed product will also be aggressively marketed in overseas markets. Looking ahead, the newly developed product will also be used in diverse forms of packaging materials, such as paper containers and molded products, and the Company will also promote the spread of this series.

DNP aims for sales of 15 billion yen by fiscal year 2017 from packaging materials using this series.


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.