DNP, Conexio and Atmark Techno Commence One Stop Support Service for Configuring M2M and IoT Systems

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), Conexio Corporation (Conexio) and Atmark Techno Inc. (Atmark Techno) have jointly cooperated to bring together a cloud platform that uses the DNP data center, the network infrastructure provided by Conexio and gateway platform from Atmark Techno, to offer a one stop support service for configuring Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems. The new service will commence operations early 2015.

[Backdrop to New Service]

In recent years, network-connected devices have used M2M to exchange data obtained from various sensors and services. These include the centralized control of production facilities at factories, along with the remote monitoring of elevator operational status, and are the focus of attention. In the M2M area, it has been possible to add connections to human-operated terminals. There has also been an increase in highly convenient IoT services, such as those allowing for the operation of electrical products in the home from remote locations. Looking ahead, in line with the development of sensor and networking technology, expectations exist for the full scale spread of M2M/IoT services.

DNP, Conexio and Atmark Techno have combined their products and services to commence a service offering the cloud platform, network infrastructure, gateway terminals and NFC1 modules necessary for the configuration of M2M/IoT systems. As a result of this one-stop service provided via cooperation between the three companies, it is now possible for companies to configure safe M2M/IoT systems in just a short time.

[One Stop Products and Services]

1.  Cloud Platform (DNP)

Utilizes the DNP Kashiwa Data Center operated to provide a cloud service for M2M/IoT services. The center is not only equipped with high level security and earthquake resistant features, but has also been developed so as to reduce the environmental burden.

By adopting applications that use a variety of data obtained by sensors, it is possible to configure and offer services, such as operational monitoring, temperature monitoring, automatic controls and remote operations. It is also possible to link multiple cloud applications and perform the mutual utilization of data.

2.  Infrastructure and Various Communications Equipment (Conexio)

Conexio has built a track record of delivering more than 200,000 units of communication devices to M2M/IoT services used in special vehicles and vending machines. The company also utilizes the know-how developed through that track record to provide network services and a variety of communications equipment tailor made to match client needs. As a result, it is possible to configure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth(R) and 920 MHz LAN/Personal Area Network (PAN) with connections to a variety of sensors and gateway terminals. It is also possible to customize line speed settings and various hardware/software to match the equipment or the service in which sensors or communication modules are embedded.

3.  Armadillo-IoT facilitating flexible customization (Atmark Techno)

Armadillo-IoT is a gateway terminal that aggregates data gathered by sensors, and forwards it to cloud platform via 3G circuits or Wi-Fi by connecting to equipment integrated with sensors. As this gateway terminal includes the CPU board Armadillo, various uses are feasible, including installing applications developed by the adopting company, and the addition of interface expansion boards.

4.  Armadillo-IoT add-on module (Conexio/DNP)

DNP and Conexio will develop an add-on module for adding security functions to Armadillo-IoT. M2M/IoT services are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the security of mission critical data is becoming a challenge. Given this environment, from early 2015, DNP plans to apply the digital security technology developed in its IC card business and embedding development technology from Conexio, to develop an add-on module for the addition of security functions. With the addition of this add-on module, Armadillo-IoT will be in a position to prevent threats from leaks and tampering of data obtained from sensors due to cyber-attacks, tampering with internal gateway terminal applications, or modification of gateway terminals, along with identity theft.  

5.  NFC module (DNP)

This is a small scale built-in module facilitating the carefree addition of NFC functions into devices. Inter-device data communication through smart phones or tablet terminals enabled for NFC use can also be achieved. NFC enabled equipment performs user authentication via smart phones or contactless IC cards. In this way, NFC functions connect humans and machines to realize new IoT services with a more pronounced consumer orientation.

[Looking Ahead]

Our three companies will market this one-stop service, mainly to the automobile industry that handles highly sensitive data, including personal data and the retail industry, aiming for sales of 1.0 billion yen in fiscal year 2017.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.