DNP Launches Compact High Function Smart IC Cash Card Instant Issuance Device

Improves functionality while downsizing by approximately 50%

In early 2015, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will launch an instant issuance device for high function IC cash cards downsized to approximately 50% the dimensions of devices currently offered by the Company.

[Backdrop to the Development of the New Device]

When applying for a cash card at bank outlets, the current format is for the card to be personalized at a separate location, and forwarded to the applicant’s home address via mail. As a result, that means that the applicant has been required to wait for approximately 1 week for delivery. By adopting the instant issuance device, however, it is possible to handover cards at bank outlets, not only to new clients, but also to existing clients requesting reissuance due to loss or damage, making it possible to improve service. And as it also reduces postal fees, the new device is also feeding into increased demand for instant issuance devices by financial institutions.   

In addition to its Card Data Management Service (CDMS) that takes data received from host computers at financial institutions and generates personalization data, since 2010 DNP has also offered an IC Cash Card Instant Issuance Device. To date the Company has developed a track record selling approximately 1,300 devices, and boasts the leading domestic market share.

In this latest development, in order to reply to demands by financial institutions for a compact device that can be installed in the limited space offered at bank outlets etc., DNP has developed an IC cash card instant issuance device. The device boasts a stylish design and achieves downsizing of approximately 50%, while also boosting functionality and user friendliness compared to devices currently offered by the Company.

[Overview of New Device]

The new device is a high function model that facilitates the issue of not only contact type smart cards, but also double stripes (cards with 2 magnetic stripes on either the face and rear of the card), and NFC compatible contactless smart cards. Functionality has been increased compared to devices currently offered1 by DNP, while the external dimensions have been downsized by approximately 50%, making it possible to use the device in situations that require space saving. Ease of use has also been increased via a front panel that allows the user to confirm outstanding card volume at a glance, and the inclusion of a large scale screen.

1: Dimensions of devices currently offered by DNP: Breadth 525 x Height 360 x Depth 630mm

Main Specifications


Breadth 300 x Height 420 x Depth 500mm

Types of IC cards

Standard: Contact type smart cards

Option: Contactless smart cards

Types of magnetic stripe

Standard: 2 stripes (magnetic stripes on both the face and rear)

Option: Double stripes (2 magnetic stripes on either the face and rear)

Number of card types issuable


Unit cost

* Based on 100 unit lots on a pre-tax basis

From 900,000 Yen

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP will promote the spread of instant issuance devices for IC cash cards, and the switching out of currently offered devices, aiming for sales of 2 billion yen in the 3 years to fiscal year 2017 from the new product that can be installed in limited spaces at financial institutions.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.