DNP Art Communications Launches Image Data Loan Service Based on Kobe City Museum Collection

DNP Art Communications Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), is pleased to announce the October 1 launch of an image data loan service based on works of art held in the Kobe City Museum.

The Kobe City Museum was opened as a new humanities museum in 1982 through the amalgamation of the Municipal Namban Art Museum and the Municipal Archaeological Art Museum. And given the fact that, as an international port city, Kobe has long performed the role as the point of contact with various countries, the museum operates with the basic concept of "International Culture Exchange - Contact between Eastern and Western Cultures." The Kobe City Museum is composed of three broad areas, including archeology and historical materials, beginning with Bronze bells and Halberds from Sakuragaoka, the Art of Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, and Antique Map Materials, and strives to collect and preserve materials related to Kobe history and cultural exchange.  

[Background to the Service Launch]

DNP Art Communications is engaged in operations, including the loan and rights management of works held in collections both in Japan and abroad, as well as consulting. To date, the Company has dealt with approximately 80,000 works of art from collections in museums and art galleries, including The British Museum and the Tate Gallery of the UK, the Musée du Louvre and Musée d'Orsay of France, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Philadelphia Museum of Art of the USA, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin of Germany, the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Austria, along with such Japanese institutions as Tokyo National Museum, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, The National Museum of Western Art, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, The Tokugawa Art Museum, and the Seikado Bunko Art Museum.

On this occasion, by adding images from the Kobe City Museum collection to its lineup, the Company aims to further enhance the image data loan service.

[Service Contents]

  • Approximately 200 units of high resolution digital image data from among the works of art held in the Kobe City Museum will be loaned out.
  • Users can apply for loans of the images they wish to use at the DNP Art Communications website. Users can select the format in which they receive the images, either via a download from the site, or the mailing of a CD-R.
  • It is also possible to perform searches for works of art via such category names as the title, the creator, the period or other keywords, such as character names or the seasons.
  • Available for use with publications, such as books, magazines, text books, and teaching materials, TV broadcasts, video and DVD, and digital products, such as e-books etc., the image data can also be used in advertising and with products.
  • Image usage fees depend on application, volume and size.

[Future Developments]

In addition to increasing the volume of works of art handled in line with user requests, DNP Art Communications will also expand partnerships with museums and art galleries both in Japan and overseas, enhancing the contents of the service as a dedicated photo library for art and history. And in order to boost convenience for our users, rights management and consulting operations will also be strengthened.

DNP Art Communications Co., Ltd.
Head office: Tokyo
President: Mr. Yutaka Ito
Paid-in capital: 300 million yen
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Head office: Tokyo
President: Mr. Yoshitoshi Kitajima
Paid-in capital: 144.4 billion yen