DNP and GL Solutions Jointly Develop NFC Module

Will market as standalone unit and as USB reader-writer

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.(DNP) and GL Solutions Inc.(GL Solutions) have jointly developed an NFC* module that is compatible with reader-writer tasks for the encrypted area in FeliCa® IC card chips used in personal authentication and settlement.

From late March, the new module will be marketed as a standalone and as USB connectable reader-writer.

[Developmental Background]

The newly developed system uses FeliCa® technology, which boosts security by encrypting and saving data contained in IC chips when dealing with critical data, such as personal information and/or settlement data. As a result, it is necessary to provide a function that decodes the encoded areas of FeliCa® chips for equipment with personal authentication and settlement uses. Existing NFC modules, however, are not equipped with such a function. In line with the spread of NFC, there are increasing needs to be able to offer services that distribute sales promotion information merely by waving an NFC compatible smart phone over a terminal, while also performing high-security personal authentication and settlement tasks utilizing the encoded area of FeliCa® with multifunction devices, and in-store e-money settlement terminals. DNP and GL Solutions have combined our respective capabilities to overcome these challenges, and have jointly developed an NFC module that is compatible with reader-writer tasks for the encrypted area in FeliCa® IC card chips.

[Overview of NFC Module Compatible with Reader-Writer Tasks for the Encrypted area in FeliCa® IC card chips]

The newly developed NFC module is equipped with a function that performs the reader-writer tasks for encrypted data in FeliCa® IC card chips. It is also compatible with SSFC* the Shared Security Formats Cooperation used in many employee ID systems. The module will be offered on a standalone basis, and as an embedded reader-writer.

Model number

TM12(NFC module)

XR05 series (reader-writer)

External dimensions(mm)



Cards supported

ISO/IEC14443 Type A, MIFARE®, TypeB, FeliCa®, and ISO/IEC15693

NFC operating mode

Read/Write Mode, Peer-to-Peer Mode


USB, UART (3.3v-type)


[Looking Ahead]

Marketing activities will be conducted by both DNP and GL Solutions.

Our two companies will market the newly developed NFC modules mainly to companies developing equipment for employee ID, and settlement systems. And along with other NFC-related equipment, we aim for total joint sales of 2.5 billion yen in the two year period until the end of the business year for 2015.


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Head office:


Company president:

Yoshitoshi Kitajima

Paid-in capital:

144.4 billion yen


GL Solutions, Inc.

Head office:



Hirofumi Hashizume

Paid-in capital:

100 million yen


* Near Field Communications: An international standard for short-wave wireless communication.
* SSFC: Shared Security Formats Cooperation: A corporate partnership designed to promote the establishment of in-house security systems, using smart cards. Participating companies set common specification for smart cards and their operational protocols and offer equipment and systems with high interoperability.
* FeliCa® is a contactless card technology format developed by Sony Corporation.
* FeliCa® is a registered trade mark of Sony Corporation.
* MIFARE is a registered trade mark of NXP Semiconductors.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.