DNP, Valuedesign and Uniadex Commence Prepaid Card Introduction Overseas Business Operations

Will offer Japan's leading cloud-type in-house prepaid card management service in Asia


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), Valuedesign Inc. (Valuedesign) and Uniadex, Ltd. (Uniadex) are pleased to announce the March 3, 2015 joint launch of overseas operations of a cloud-type management service for corporate brand-driven in-house prepaid cards.

Together, the three companies, will expand the cloud-type management service for in-house prepaid cards to overseas markets, mainly in Asia.

[Service Background and Summary]

DNP, Valuedesign and Uniadex will jointly commence the provision of a cloud-type management service for in-house prepaid cards, aiming to expand our in-house prepaid card business, mainly to China and South East Asia, which are seeing the increased spread of general prepaid cards.

DNP and Valuedesign entered into a joint business partnership and capital alliance in March 2009, and have since provided in-house prepaid card-related ASP services to a variety of companies, including retailers and restaurants. Valuedesign has introduced cloud-type management services for in-house prepaid cards to 28,103 outlets1 operated by 406 companies, and boasts the top domestic market share2.

Together, the three companies will jointly launch overseas-targeted services based on the DNP in-house prepaid card settlement service.

DNP and Valuedesign will market the newly launched service, providing companies with a one-stop service connected with the introduction of in-house prepaid cards, including consulting, card manufacturing, and promotional planning. Uniadex, in cooperation with corporate affiliates3 throughout Asia, will be responsible for system introduction, and maintenance support.

This new service is compatible with Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, and currencies including Thai Baht, Singapore Dollars, Chinese Yuan and Korean Won4.

[Service Features]

The in-house prepaid cards is a cloud-based service that manages card balances. Apart from performing balance increments and decrements with a card reader installed at retailers, it is also possible to access the member's website from computers and smart phones, and confirm balances. In cases where consumers use prepaid cards for settlement purposes at mail order sites, it is also possible to purchase products, merely by inputting the card number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), as long as the user maintains a positive cash balance.

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Cloud-type management service for in-house prepaid cards:

  • Start-up fee: Priced from 1 million yen, with a monthly usage fee of 150,000 yen
  • Charges: 1% of deposit amount and/or usage amount
    • Does not include loyalty service or CRM functions

Card fees:

  • 50 yen per card on a 10,000 unit lot magnetic card basis

[Looking Ahead]

The new service will initially be offered in Singapore, Thailand, and China, and will be expanded to other areas on a sequential basis. Together, the three companies aim for sales of 300 million yen in FY 2015 from the provision of the new service, along with card manufacturing and marketing and other related services.

  1. Figure includes overseas sales as of December 2014.
  2. A domestic share of 42.8% according to a survey related to the in-house prepaid card market released February 23, 2015 by ICT Research & Consulting Inc.
  3. Uniadex maintains affiliates in seven countries; Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.
  4. Valuedesign has conducted business in Asia since May 2012, and at present operates services in Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.