Establishment of Publishing Marketing Information Japan Co., Ltd.


Kinokuniya Company Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Kinokuniya Company Ltd. (Kinokuniya), a Japanese major bookstore chain, today announced that the April 1 establishment of Publishing Marketing Information Japan Co., Ltd., a joint venture between DNP and Kinokuniya with the objective of rejuvenating the publication distribution market and create new business models, has been determined by the Board of Directors of our two companies.

The publication distribution market is seeing ongoing severe conditions for sales of paper-books, and increasingly fierce competition between numerous players even for e-books where growth is expected. In response, DNP and Kinokuniya will establish a joint venture designed to broadly rejuvenate the publication distribution market, and plan the creation of new business models, based on the belief that contributing to the development of the publishing industry as leaders in cultural and informational transmission and in intellectual infrastructure amidst a greatly changing society will form the foundations of national power, and contribute to the development of Japanese culture and society. Our two companies, under hybrid strategies combining real book stores and net-based book stores will mutually share know-how, conduct surveys and analysis of challenges faced by the Japanese publishing distribution market, and investigate necessary measures.

Outline of the New Company

Company name

Publishing Marketing Innovation Japan Co., Ltd.


Shinjuku 3-17-7, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Date of establishment

April 1, 2015

Capital investment

100 million yen (paid-in capital: 50 million yen, capital reserves: 50 million yen)

Major shareholders

Kinokuniya 50%, DNP 50%


President and CEO: Masashi Takai

Representative Director: Motoharu Kitajima

Director: Yukio Fujinori

Director: Hidetaka Gomi

Business contents

  • Surveys and research regarding the rejuvenation of the publication distribution market
  • Various rejuvenation measures and new business model planning

Topics for planning and consideration:

1.  Further service enhancements for e-book and net-based book stores with the objective of improving reader convenience.

2. The establishment of easier to use loyalty points services for readers.

3. Sharing, rationalization, and increased efficiency of procurement and logistics systems.

4. New business models leveraging overseas resources held by the two companies.

5. Improved reader services based on mutually linkages between real book stores and net-based book stores.

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