DNP Media Create, ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce Launch New Advertising Service Using Fruit and Vegetable Packaging as a Media

DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. (DMC), a totally-owned subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) engaged in the planning and production of commercial printing materials, in conjunction with ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce Marketing Corporation (ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce), a subsidiary of the National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations (ZEN-NOH) engaged in the purchase, sales and related services for fresh produce and their processed goods, will launch of a new advertising service. The full-fledged launch of this new service will see fruit and vegetable packaging used as media for ads for related products, to carry recipes based on fruit and vegetable and related products, and as the base for free sample attachments.   

[Service Launch]

Many fruit and vegetable counters are situated near the entrances to supermarkets, and almost all customers visits these counters. This is also the location where seeing the vegetables in season prompts store visitors to think about the day' s evening meal menus. By displaying recipes using the fruit and vegetables on offer, it is possible for stores to promote cross merchandizing that leads to sales of related products, such as noodles, and seasoning. With this end in mind, ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce and DMC have combined the ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce distribution network with DMC' s know-how, and since July 2013 have conducted trial operations of an ad service using fruit and vegetable packaging as a media. These trial operations resulted in a highly recognizable effect, and in this latest development, it has been decided to make a fully-fledged launch of the service from March 2015.

[New Ad Service]

In addition to recipes based on the available foods, ads for seasoning and kitchen utensils can also be displayed on fruit and vegetable packages. It is also possible to attach samples. DMC will also offer in-store promotion planning, the preparation and installation of POP, sample sales, ad effect analysis, and interlocked planning with magazines, looking to provide total support for fruit and vegetable based cross merchandising.

[New Ad Service Features]

1.  Achieves Cross Merchandizing of Fruit and Vegetables and Related Products

Supports consumer recipe plans, and promotes the combined sales of fruit and vegetables and related products. For manufacturers, the new service can be expected to provide expanded links between their products and consumers, while also boosting brand-building. At the same time, stores can expect to see their fruit and vegetable counters rejuvenated.

2.  Capitalizes on the Delivery Abilities of ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce  

It is possible to select ad media from amongst the many varieties of domestically produced fruit and vegetables handled by ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce. Delivery destinations include major supermarkets and mass merchandisers throughout Japan. Related product manufacturers can look forward to tie ups with local produce handled by ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce at retail outlets in areas where they may not have had any dealings to date. As a result, it becomes possible to propose locally-based initiatives.

3.  Total Promotion Support by DMC  

DMC will leverage the know-how developed through the planning and production of various commercial printing materials, to offer multi-disciplinary promotion support. Such examples include in-store sales counters linking fruit and vegetable packaging and ads, POP installation, sampling and demonstration sales, along with cross media using smart phones and tablet terminals. It is also possible to provide tie up planning with magazines. DMC will also perform the checking and analysis of ad effects based on ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce shipping data and supermarket sales data, and the reporting of the results to ad owners and more effective follow up planning.

[Application Example]

Ad Media   

Ad Contents


Noodles, cooking sauce


Pasta sauce, dressing


Cooking sauce


Seasoning for hot pot dishes

[Pre-Tax Pricing]

Quotes shall be provided on an individual basis.

Ad fees (including seal printing and attachment tasks) along with estimates for tasks connected with the attachment of samples will be levied at a several tens of yen per unit. Separate quotes will be made for sales counter and POP installation, sampling and demonstration sales, cross media using smart phones and tablet terminals, and magazine tie ups.

[Future Developments]

Looking ahead, DMC will offer new services connected with other foods offered by ZEN-NOH group other than fruit and vegetables, such as rice, meat and dairy products, and in conjunction with DNP will broadly offer cross merchandizing ad services combining a variety of different foods.

DMC aims for a total of 300 million yen in sales related to this new service by FY 2015.


· Cross merchandizing: A promotional technique for promoting sales of combinations of different products at the same counter.


* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.