DNP Launches Compact Presentation Equipment Set

Projects clearly onto small screens even in bright rooms

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the April 15 launch of an easy to transport presentation equipment set for small audiences, aimed at professional clients. This three-part set is comprised of a tablet terminal, compact projector and a freestanding folding screen.


Recent developments have offered increased opportunities for presentations using tablet terminals to display photographs, movies and other materials in business meetings and conferences. This has led, however, to negative feedback, highlighting such shortcomings as the size of the tablet terminal screen being too small for multiple meeting participants to view at once, or not being possible to manipulate the screen while using it to explain points to the counterparty. Alternatively, distributing print out materials, without using the tablet terminal poses the challenge of not being able to use video or audio.

In order to overcome these challenges, DNP has combined a tablet terminal, compact projector and a freestanding folding screen, to provide a presentation equipment set mainly for small scale meetings where all the participants share the use of the screen. This newly developed product, capitalizes on the advantages of tablet terminals in facilitating the expansion of the photographs and diagrams displayed on the screen, and makes it possible to realize more effective presentations. The new product uses a high luminescence screen from DNP, facilitating the display of clear images even in brightly lit rooms. And as both the projector and screen are compact in size, they are easy to transport, helping reduce the need for distributed material, at the same time as promoting paperless meetings.

[Contents and Features]

  • Freestanding Folding Screen

The DNP high luminescence screen boasts a color contrast approximately 5 times that of standard white screens, by reflecting projector light and absorbing peripheral light. It is capable of maintaining high visibility even in brightly lit rooms (of approximately 1,000 lux), facilitating the display of clear images.

In full screen mode the scope of the high luminescence screen is 480mm in breadth, 325mm in height and 150mm in depth, compared to the tablet terminal screen of approximately 21 inches. This folds to 325mm X 275mm X 13mm, or approximately the same size as a sheet of B4, making it easier to transport in a brief case.

  • High Performance Compact Screen

With a breadth of 160mm, a height of 102mm and profile of 32mm, the high performance compact screen fits in the palm of the hand, and is based on a compact body with a weight of just 480g. It also comprises a long life light source of approximately 30,000 hours at a brightness of 500 lumen - a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. With WXGA (of 1,200 pixels across, and 800 pixels in height) even the finest characters can be seen. Connections may be selected from among HDMI, RGB or Wi-Fi. The inclusion of a keystone correction function also makes it possible to resolve distortion of projected images.

  •  Tablet Terminal

An original DNP 10.1 inch tablet terminal with Android OS1 is included as standard contents.

[Pre-tax Pricing]

Price per set: 155,500 yen

<Standard contents>

Freestanding folding screen

High performance compact projector (tripod included) 2

Original 10.1 inch DNP tablet terminal 3

Original carrying case

[Looking Ahead]

The new product can be used in a variety of situations as a digital signage solution based on tablet terminals, such as in business meetings and conferences. It can also be used in meetings at building or other work sites where it is necessary to refer to diagrams, and also in schools, prep schools and hospitals where materials are used as part of explanations.

DNP will market this new product to professionals, aiming for sales of 1,000 lots by fiscal year 2016.


1: It is possible to select other tablet terminals with other operating systems, such as Android, Windows and iOS. Tablet terminals in current use may also be used, meaning there is no need to purchase a new terminal.
2: A 2 part set, comprising the compact and projector and free standing folding screen - without the tablet terminal is also available, subject to separate price quotations.
3: The tablet terminal may be freely selected. Prices may change based on the type of terminal selected.


* Prices are current as of release date, and may change without warning.