DNP Launches Two Types of Film for Bonding Materials of Different Composition

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the launch of two types of film that allow for the bonding of materials with different basic compositions, such as metals and plastic. The Company has developed a heat welding film, suitable for bonding olefin resin and metals, and a pressure sensitive adhesive film suitable for bonding carbon fiber reinforced plastic and metals. Mass production will commence in July.

[Developmental Background]

In recent years, increased use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and resin materials has been seen as automobiles, aircraft and electronic components comply with demands for lower profile, lighter weight equipment. This has also led to greater demand for compound components bonding together such light materials with metals. And in turn, there are now increased needs to simplify the bonding process, and reduce trouble in the post-bonding stage. DNP has moved to answer these needs via the development of a film allowing for the bonding of materials of different basic composition.

[Product Features]

The newly developed films make it possible to bond together a variety of materials with different basic compositions. As the newly developed materials are offered in a sheet format, apart from making it possible to perform bonding with a uniform thickness, there is also no run over or stickiness. And as materials may be temporarily tacked together or the bonding redone, it also becomes possible to increase the efficiency of the work process.

Film features

Optimal bonding for olefin resin and metals

  • This film is suitable for bonding the olefin resin that is widely used in electronic equipment and business equipment with metals. DNP has built up an operating experience in bonding metals with the battery pouches for the lithium ion cells produced in-house.
  • Bonding for olefin resin and metals is performed via a thermal bonding process. This method takes the resin to be heat welded and transforms it into a film state that solidifies at normal temperatures preventing run over of the bonding materials or stickiness. It is also possible to reduce residual solvent or gas generation.
  • It is possible to offer a variety of designs to match end uses, including the location of usage or the equipment adopted, such as electrical insulation, moisture proofing, long-term durability and heat-resistant devices.

Pressure sensitive adhesive film suitable for bonding carbon fiber reinforced plastic and metals

  • The pressure sensitive adhesive film is suitable for bonding carbon fiber reinforced plastic used in automobiles and aircraft, and metals, due to the fact that the adhesive film maintains superior heat-resistant properties and experiences little performance degradation in environments with severe temperature changes, while also maintaining extremely high level bonding strength.
  • Other uses include the bonding of various other materials, such as concrete, glass and ceramics.
  • Apart from the thermal bonding type, DNP also offers a bond that solidifies when exposed to light, such as ultraviolet light.

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP will market these newly developed bonding materials mainly to manufacturers of electronic equipment, business equipment and industrial machinery, aiming for sales of 5 billion yen in FY 2018.


· DNP has a long-standing reputation for the development and provision of film-based materials with superior functions and performance. In 1997, the Company launched an anti-reflective film business, producing film for liquid crystal displays that shut out glare, including external light. 1998 saw the development of transparent vapor deposition film with superior barrier features. Back-sheet components and sealing materials for PV cells were developed in 2003, and an agricultural film that promotes crop growth by boosting efficient light synthesis was further developed in April 2015. Looking ahead, DNP will anticipate consumer needs, and propose a variety of functional film.
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.