DNP and IBM Japan Jointly Create Big Data Analysis Infrastructure for Marketing Activities

Utilizes IBM data analysis solutions cluster systems

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
IBM Japan, Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and IBM Japan, Ltd. (IBM) have jointly created a big data analysis infrastructure targeting marketing activities. The newly developed analysis infrastructure utilizes IBM data analysis solutions, beginning with the server based on POWER8, a processor designed and developed for the ultra-high speed processing of big data.

DNP is one of the world's largest comprehensive printing companies. Established in 1876, it now provides diverse products and services to approximately 30,000 corporate clients and to consumers in Japan and around the world. The Company is currently promoting services to support corporate marketing activities by utilizing and analyzing a variety of big data, such as purchasing histories and website browsing histories. In this latest development, in order to create an analytical environment for various types of big data that are expected to see expanded demand in the future, DNP will capitalize on IBM solution to establish a new big data analysis infrastructure at the DNP Data Center. Doing so will put the Company in a position to realize advanced marketing activities that facilitate optimal consumer promotion measures, improve profitability and strengthen competitive capabilities. As a first step, the Company will utilize this analytical infrastructure in the DNP Consumer Information Usage Support Service that analyzes consumer values from such standpoints as lifestyle, purchasing and daily activities, based on purchasing histories and questionnaire replies.

The analytical infrastructure combines 12 Linux-dedicated IBM® Power Systems S812L servers integrated with the POWER8, a processor designed and developed for the ultra-high speed processing of big data, with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, a software product equipped with Hadoop functions for the parallel distributed processing of large scale unstructured data to achieve high-speed analysis.

In order to take the latest data analytical technology and make it usable by non-specialist staff members, existing SQL skills for database technologists have been employed. By using the BigSQL functions of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights that can use Hadoop, it has been made possible to form links between existing data systems composed of IBM PureData System for Analytics and IBM SPSS Modeler. This facilitates centralized data processing and analysis by the user.

Looking ahead, DNP will integrate existing marketing support service analytical tools, so far operated in individual environments, with the new analytical infrastructure, to reduce operating costs, improve response speed and achieve sharing of analytical related knowledge on an in-house basis. The new analytical infrastructure will also be used as a platform for various in-house analytical operations. In addition to performing higher speed batch processing, accessing log analysis and prediction logic development, by forming links to data from various companies - with consent of consumers - the partners will also expand the potential of data usage. DNP aims for uses in such areas as recommendations on websites that stay abreast of consumer developments, and the Internet of Things.  

* The analytical infrastructure was created as part of the Marketing Platform Joint Development and Operation activities designed to strengthen company and client response capabilities and speed as announced on August 9, 2012 in the business alliance release from DNP and Nihon Unisys, Ltd. Regarding the creation of the analytical infrastructure, Nihon Unisys, Ltd. will provide project and quality management support, while Nippon Information and Communication Corporation will be responsible for system integration.
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