DNP Develops Tablet Terminal-Driven Duty Free Goods Sales Support System

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a tablet terminal-driven duty free sales support system that allows inbound visitors to select products they wish to purchase in a multilingual environment. Marketing activities will commence in March 2016, but ahead of this development, DNP is pleased to announce that the new system has been adopted at a major department store.


A record 19.74 million overseas tourists visited to Japan in 2015, an increase of 47% compared to the previous year, and further growth is forecast in the future. Spending by overseas tourists also rose 71% to 3.48 trillion yen, helped by significant expansions in the scope of tax exempt items following the October 2014 amendment of tax-free program. However, there is a shortage of qualified staff for dealing with overseas visitors at stores and other sites frequented by tourists, and of limitations in the number of languages in such staff can respond. In order to overcome these challenges, DNP has developed a tablet terminal-driven duty free goods sales support system.

[Tablet Terminal-Driven Duty Free Goods Sales Support System]

  • The new system includes a tablet terminal that allows overseas visitors to select, purchase and confirm products in the displayed language of their choice. The system outputs a purchase voucher from an attached printer, which lists the product barcode and purchase volume in the selected language. Visitors may then purchase the product of their choice merely by proceeding to the cash register.
  • The newly developed system is available in Japanese, English, Korean, and two forms of Chinese. Other languages will be made available as needs arise.
  • By providing an environment where overseas visitors can purchase duty free goods in a carefree manner in the language of their choice, it is possible to offer cutting edge hospitality treatment. The new multilingual system removes the need to deploy staff with specialized language skills on sales floors, which also reduces burdens on the retail outlet.
  • The new system is compatible with a variety of duty free goods, including alcohol, cigarettes and cosmetics. Explanations of these products can be made via the tablet terminal screen while also displaying product images. This removes the need to display the product at each outlet, which helps to facilitate the efficient use of sales space.
  • Video contents, including purchase methods, are displayed on tablet terminal screens, helping overseas visitors understand the purchase process, at the same time as making it possible to provide more detailed product explanations.
  • The newly developed system has been customized based on DNP content distribution system targeting digital signage, and multilingual customer support systems. These functions allow head office staff to use the internet to update product contents displayed on tablet terminals.

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Quotations will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

DNP aims to see the new system adopted at duty free outlets, department stores, electronics mass merchandisers, supermarkets, shopping centers, drug stores and food and beverage manufacturers resulting in sales of 500 million yen by FY 2018 from this and related products and services.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.